Saturday, December 13, 2008

Country Elves 2008

Send your own ElfYourself eCards


Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

That was cute. That extra elf is weird. Next time maybe you could insert Oscar's head?

Uncle Michael can sure move!

Amy said...

Too funny! Do your kids love it?

pineapple mama said...

Stace was right, Micheal can really move. That was awesome! Now the girls want to get elfed.Thanks! Now I have to figure it out.Although seeing Al dance might make it worth while hehehe....

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Josiah wants to watch it over and over! I wanted to put Oscar in there, but my computer was running so slow that by the time got done downloading all of our pictures, I was out of patience!

Lette, if I can do it, you can to. I look forward to seeing your family "elfed"! Call me if you need help.

Rupedog said...

Ha Ha Ha that was cute. I'm following your blog Jackie. I check in on it when you send me and Email saying that you have added to it. Just make sure you let me know when you post something new. I'm so tied up with a Christian offroad club. I'm the Coordinator for the Oregon Chapter, which is very small at the moment but it wil grow when God decides when it should. I'm also involved with a site that give a chance for disabled vets. to go camping and 4 wheeling with those that have 4x4's. Michael should check into this. It's a very slow site but it should pick up when the program kicks of in 2009. When it gets to Oregon I have volunteered 2 seats in our Jeep to experance 4x4 fun in the sand dunes down by Coos Bay.
Then I belong to another site. www.Pacific Northwest backroad a group that explores the backroads of Oregon and Washington mostly. I'm setting up a run for it in May for the Christmas Valley area. Then I belong to That is another offroad group that explores not only the NW but some go over seas and explore. Then I belong to another on that is the NW Overland that does the samething explores all over.
Then there is the Ghost town and History of the West exploring site and Legends of America site. Then of course which is a handgun hunting site. Then there are a few more sites that I check every now and then. But the above are the ones that I post on a lot and consiter myself a true member of. So as you can tell I'm busy with those.
Plus Aunt Jocelyn and I are attempting to buy 40 acres in the Christmas Valley area to put a small cabin on and retire on. Plus build an outside Church on for travelers to stop and visit our Lord. To beable to sit at the foot of the Cross and Worship,Pray, and visit with God. This is something that the Lord has put upon my Heart. I don't know if a preacher will come into our lives to preach at this outdoor church or not. I just know He wants me to build an outside church. Got to do what the Big Guy says. So Pray for us and the property. We are just starting the process of buying it. I sure hope it happens. The property overlooks the whole Christmas Valley area and has a 360 degree view. It is God Country!
Aunt Jocelyn's job is doing good, but she has had to put alot of hours in lately. She is napping while I type as it is and it is 4pm on a Sunday.
Well I guess this is where I'm suppose to write to you at. I don't really understand this whole Blog thing. I visit but my name isn't on here, so I guess I must not visit enough???? This techno computer stuff is hard on an old guy that is computer stupid. LOL Tell Michael Hi and the kids hi from us. Love you and God Bless, Uncle David and Aunt Jocelyn


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