Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Potty Training Blues

I thought I'd post this picture of my mom and Hailey reading the "Funnies" together. It's a good thing Hailey's so cute because much to my disappointment she is back in diapers. She was completely potty trained for two solid weeks, then for the last two weeks she decided she wasn't going to do it anymore. She absolutely refuses to use the toilet. She hasn't had a bad experience, I haven't lost my patience with her but she just doesn't want to do it. After intentionally peeing and pooping in her big girl undies for days, I took my sister's advice and put her back in pull-ups until she's interested in it again to prevent me from getting angry with her. I'm tired of paying the big bucks for pull-ups, so now I'm back to regular diapers. I'm just disappointed because after two weeks I really thought I was out of this stage. I think I jinxed myself when I posted that she was "officially potty trained", LOL! Please pray for my patience with her and that she'll get interested again soon.
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candy said...

She'll do it, just keep being patient. You will get through this one too. Don't allow yourself to dwell and stress on it(I don't know if you are, but I know as a Mom and Gee-Ma i can be so bad at doing that)allow God to take care of it. I will pray for her.
man Kricket looks good. tell her hi for me. Love you Jackie.

Connie said...

They do have such little minds of their own. One day this will all be behind you - and many of things as well.

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

She is an independent little thing and has a mind of her own. She is still so young (barely two!). She will regress some.

I'm glad you put her back in diapers. Less stress on you.

Love the pic of Mom and Hailey Baby.

Cat said...

Oh, brother! Just when we think we are on to the next stage, we get blindsided. I'm sorry, Jacki, and know she WILL get trained. My grandson found out he could spend the night we me until he wore big-boy undies, went home and began. It is different for all of them. Just continue doing what you are doing even tho' temptation wields its ugly head.

christy rose said...

AWWW! The potty training blues!:)
She will get it eventually.

Jackie, I just wanted to let you know that I have an award that I would like to pass along to you. Please stop by some time today and pick it up when you can.

blessedmomof3 said...

Boy, I sure can understand the frustration! I still can't get my Katie to be interested in toilet training at all. I can't even bribe her. And she doesn't want to try and wear big girl undies. I get to feeling so hopeless about it all. She'll be 3 1/2 in December, and it would be good to see her out of diapers by then. Katie is so completely stuborn about it all. Will be sending lots of prayers your way that Hailey will get interested in it all again very soon!

OurLilFullFam said...

Oh man, I am sorry!

When i had my neice who was almost 4 and not potty trained yet, I told her she had to go to the nathroom every 15 minutes. I took her every 15 minutes all day for 3 days straight. i wasn't nasty - and I told her she didn't have to go on the pooty, but she would have to sit ther for 2 minutes each time. half way through the second day, she was potty trained. it was crazy.

I got that advice from a friend who fostered children. She would get kids that old who had no idea and she said that is what she did.

I know 2 is a bit young to reason with like that. She'll come around - she won't get married in pull-ups :)

And my goodness, you and Stacie favor your mom!



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