Friday, October 14, 2011

Best Yard Sale Picks of the Season

 Here I am "without one plea", showing off the hand-made apron I got at a yard sale. It even had matching potholders. Josiah took this pic of me at the end of a very long Monday (my cooking/laundry day). 

I had the opportunity to go yard saling quite a bit in August and September. I mostly went by myself with the kids since Michael was usually out of town or hunting. My kids have grown to love yard sales. My strategy for keeping them content is lots of snacks, water and a "Hank the Cowdog" book on tape. Then they don't want to get out at every sale because they are listening to "Hank". I also promise that if they are good, they will get to split an Italian soda from Dutch Bros. This is a real treat for them. 

I love yard sales because I'm able to purchase or upgrade on things I normally wouldn't be able to afford. They are indeed a blessings for our family. There is sort of a thrill in it, too, like you are treasure hunting! Even Michael likes to go when he can.
My sis was able to hit a few yard sales with me when she came up for Hailey's birthday. She got this NICE "Tangled" tower that works perfectly in Hailey's room because it is tall and skinny. So glad we were able to get her a doll house in her room finally :) She plays with it all the time and Stacie even got her a "Tangled" doll to go with it. Stacie got this for $10 and it was in awesome condition.

I know I already posted this pic, but just had to say again how thrilled I was to pick up this Spanish lace shawl, vintage shirt and sash to complete my Civil War reenactment outfit. I think I paid $6 for all.

Hailey spotted this Playmobile set for only $3. It was still in the box and only had TWO pieces missing! She loves it!

I was thrilled to freshen up our bedroom with a new look. This bedding, complete with shams, a pillow and bedskirt, all for drumroll please....$10! It is in perfect condition and matches the other decor in the room perfectly. Lovin' the change!
As usual, I was able to freshen up my wardrobe this summer. I got all this and more for less than $10. The dress on the left is a vintage 50's dress with old lace. Always love vintage and it was just my size!

Found this leather jacket from the Worthington Coat Factory at the MOPS yard sale. I love it! 

Of course, I got countless other items we needed for the household or homeschooling . The kids got so many toys, that we've had to purge again the other day. That is the only bad thing about yard saling with kids. Everyone wants to give them something. It gets a little crazy after awhile and I have to purge, sometimes when they aren't looking ;)

Hope you are all having a great fall so far. We've already started making hot chocolate and easy homemade marshmallows, so it feels officially fall around here. Picking the rest of the garden today and tomorrow. Will miss the garden, but will enjoy a little break from it as well :)

God Bless,


Nadine said...

What great finds! We enjoy going to yard sales too. I like your comforter set, very pretty!


RaD said...

Jackie, have you ever heard of Freecycle ( They have a network in your area (I just looked it up). I have gotten all kinds for things from them for free! We just got two nice wood dvd shelves, one that fits perfectly in the hallway and the other, well I'll find a place for it or re-freecycle it. People list stuff they have but no longer need on there and if you go pick it up it's yours. You can also list things you no longer have need of but don't want to throw away. The best part, you can do it after yard sale season has ended. But let me warn you now, if you do it, set up your account to a separate e-mail address. That way you don't get your e-mail overloaded with freecyle stuff and you can look through it when you have the time.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Ruth, yep, I've been a member for about 6 months now. Haven't received anything cool, but given away some things :)

MommaMindy said...

What great deals! I love going to garage sales and thrift stores. My mom and I call it "junkin'." Even though we aren't as financially strapped as we were in those early years of marriage, I still make my kids shop second hand some of the time. It's a skill that will be useful for their futures!

Anonymous said...

Great finds. I really like the apron. Last week I found a pressure cooker/canner for $30. I searched it online and it retails for $100. And it was brand new still in the box. I'm not even sure it was ever used.

The Real Me! said...

Wow! You got some serious deals. I LOVE going to garage sales. We get some great deals as well.
The bedding is so pretty!
Have a lovely day!

Sarah said...

LOVE your apron!

Dylan would have LOVED the playmobil farm set!

Glad you were able to find great things at such a great price for your family! :)

Grandma Becky said...

Those are great finds. I've not gone garage saleing for a long time. Maybe I should but I would just find something I really don't need for the house as I've got too much stuff already. I love your lace shawl for the re-enactment. Nice outfit with nice lady wearing it! Hugs and have a good weekend!

Catherine said...

I have the same luck at our Thrift Store that you do with yard sales! Isn't it great to wear 'already broken into' clothing? Also, I made your recipe for Shep's Pie last week for our church potluck...delicious!

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

You did so good! I'm still pinching myself over that Tangled castle


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