Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Beth Moore "Unhindered" Conference in "Girlsie, Idaho"

Recently I was privileged to be invited to my first Beth Moore Conference in Boise, ID with my twin sister (yep, we're identical!) and two of her good friends whom I feel are becoming my good friends, too. With over 5,000 women and a few brave men in the audience, Beth affectionately renamed Boise, "Girlsie, ID". It was an awesome experience, to finally see my favorite bible teacher in person! 

The conference was not about being entertained (although the praise and worship time with Travis Cantrell and his team was amazing), but about diving into the living Word of God. I've never seen such a humble person placed in a position like that in all my life. God is using this little "blonder than she pays to be" woman to start a revival among women by simply getting them into the Word and letting the Holy Spirit do the rest. Passion for the Word of God is growing!

We got there two and half hours early so we could have seats close to the stage. It was so worth the wait! She even smiled at my sister. No one in the room could have needed a smile of encouragement from Beth more than my sis that weekend. Click here for my sister's recent heart-breaking story that God is using in a mighty way.

Beth doesn't even know what she is going to talk about until about a week before each conference. She prays and asks God to give her a word to speak about and He always does. This time, she felt the word was "Unhindered". We need to get unhindered so we can walk out God's calling on our life. Here a seven basic points from her teaching based on the verse in Hebrews 12:1:

1. We're here to throw off everything that hinders us!
(My Life - Hindrance = My God Ordained Destiny)

2. Except a Holy Hindrance, that is God does the hindering, although He Himself can't be hindered.
"Not every ball thrown our way is ours to pick up!" Oh, did I need to hear that! He gives us priority over the things He wants us to do, which involves hard choices. Don't feel judged or condemned by man when you have to say "no" to something. -Beth Moore (scripture to back it up -->Rom 14:14)

3.  We can be assured that Satan can scheme to hinder us.

4. People can hugely hinder one another.
1 Thess 2:16, Gal 5:7
"Both legalistic and overly liberated Christians can hinder us. Both can have wrong hearts that lead to sin." -Beth Moore

5. Satan and humans can hold hands to hinder us so he can ruin or destroy our testimonies.
Matt 16

"When it begins with the lying, things start dying." -Beth Moore

Prov 25:28, "A man with out self control is like a city left without walls". 

"If we don't hinder our flesh, our entire fortification comes crashing down." -Beth Moore

"The Spirit and the flesh never cooperate. If we hinder the flesh, we enhance the Spirit. If we hinder the Spirit, we enhance the flesh." -Beth Moore

"All the addiction takes the hurt out of our hindrance, when the hurt is what can bring us out of our pain." -Beth Moore

"Leader doesn't mean 'higher', means you are lower than everyone else" -Beth Moore

6. Glory happens when a manifestation of God's presence is unhindered.

"Do a few things to the glory of God"-Beth Moore
Acts 28:31

7. No one knows the ecstasy of the 'unhindered' like those who have been hounded by hindrance!

After the conference, I had a lovely time with Margaret, Stacie and Catherine. We stayed an extra night so we could relax and do a little shopping in Boise, a treat for us small town girls. We had lunch at PF Chang's which was right by the conference center, then we went to a thrift store and found some good deals there. Then back to the hotel for a nap and chatting. After than we went to Ross Dress for Less and scored on some really cute new good quality clothing and shoes for dirt cheap. For dinner we had authentic Thai food at "Taste of Thai". It wasn't hard for us to decide where eat because we all love Asian food! I thought we were compatible travel companions and can't wait to go to another Beth Moore conference with these gals when next she travels to the Northwest.

Currently, I'm doing her James study, which is excellent! I also just started her Revelation bible study with my regular Wednesday group. I've done this one before on my own last year, but it is fun to do it in a group setting this time. As always, I'm super excited to see how the Lord is going to use these studies as we learn more about His word and how it applies to our lives. 

If you haven't done a Beth Moore bible study before, I would highly recommend you start with "Breaking Free" or "Believing God". Both are an excellent place to begin. She makes the Word come alive. The Holy Spirit is clearly working through her as her passion for the Word is being passed to other women all over the world. 

May God bless each of you as you become women of the Word!

In Christ, Our Precious Savior,


Ellie Rae said...

You and your sister sure look alike! Glad you had fun. Many of Beth's lessons are great. My son had orders for Mt. Home AFB in Boise, but switched them. Too bad! I'll bet he would have loved it there.

Connie said...

So glad you had such a refreshing time. Wonderful points to her lesson - keepers for sure.

Catherine said...

Well, my new and dear friend, I enjoyed that conference even more than YOU did! Thanks for such a timely post, Jackie!

Jill said...

What a great experience and even better that you got to share it with your sister!


Tina said...

Thank you for sharing what you learned at the conference, it encouraged me in my walk to hear you share those truths. Sounds like a WONDERFUL time!
My sister-in-law is also doing Beth's James study. She said it's incredible! :)
Thank you.


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