Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Saint Patrick's Day Celebration

We were delighted to be invited to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with friends. They run an adult foster home and invited me to play the fiddle for their residents. The kids danced a jig to "Boil Them Cabbages Down", and I loved hearing the elderly sing "Danny Boy" and "Amazing Grace".  It blessed my heart so much. Even though their outward bodies aren't cooperating, they are still moved by music and songs in a powerful way. I can't wait to go back and play some old hymns for them so I can hear them sing more. Yes, I'm dressed in my Scottish attire, although I have a lot of Irish in me as well thanks to my Grandma Ellen.   

My friends made an excellent spread of corned beef and cabbage with a green theme. They made several side dishes with cabbage and spinach. A yummy spinach dip and twice baked potatoes.

  This was a delicious pistachio pudding dessert.
Here we all are eating our wonderful meal. Love the real shamrock plant in the middle of the table. You can't see it, but there is an Irish sword in the middle of the table as well provided by Billy. We are proof that you can have a great St. Patrick's Day celebration without a drop of alcohol. 

I know I've mentioned this book before, but we love it! It is the true story of St. Patrick. We got it from the organization called Voice of the Martyrs. You can click here to purchase this wonderful book.

The kids got to see the Gothard Sisters this weekend with my mom. Here is a video of these beautiful and talented homeschoolers who play Celtic music all over the Northwest and beyond. We love their music and look forward to seeing them again at our local Celtic Festival.

Speaking of homeschoolers, I was so blessed to be able to go to a homeschool mom's night out. Our theme was green since it was the day after St. Patrick's Day. We brought green finger foods and talked about jealousy between our children as well as jealousy issues we might have. Oh what a great night of spurring each other on in the Lord! I came away feeling so encouraged. 

So the finger food I brought was actually an accidental recipe. I had bought avocados and realized I didn't have anything except onion to go in it. I was completely out of salsa, too. I found some sweet chili sauce and dumped some in along with the chopped onion, lemon juice and some salt. Blended all in the food processor and hoped for the best. Everyone really liked it. Sometimes our mistakes can turn into good things.

Well, hope you all had a wonderful St. Patrick's Day! Looking forward to celebrating Passover soon. If you've never participated in a Seder meal, I would highly recommend. It is a great way to learn about Jewish culture as well as strengthen your faith, seeing who the whole celebration points to the Passover Lamb - Jesus. I love seeing how God's Messianic prophecies have been fullfilled by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! 

God Bless,


aimee said...

So awesome that you could bless the hearts of some senior citizens! LOVE your tartans (but then you knew I'd say that)!
My hubby is asleep right now so I can't play the video...but I'll be back because I LOVE Celtic music!

Camille said...

What a blessing to have had that special time with your friends. And, I am sure you were a great blessing to the people who heard you play your violin, Jackie. Wow...those girls can sure play beautifully!

Blessings to you!

His bondservant said...

I am sure they were so blessed by your family…just as much as you were blessed to go. I didn't know you played the violin! Wow…just another item to list to all your many talents! God bless!


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