Monday, June 1, 2015

Rina's Infant Photo Shoot (2 1/2 Weeks Old)

My good friend, Dorene, and I worked together all afternoon to take these newborn pics. She has a real eye for setting up details of a scene. Couldn't have done these without her help. I think we make a great team! I'd nurse Rina, while Dorene would set up the scene. I'd carefully transfer her to whatever pose we wanted, we'd stick the pacifier in her mouth until she was asleep again, and then one or both of us would have our cameras ready to shoot like crazy when we carefully pulled the pacifier out. We only had a few seconds in most cases to get the shot because she didn't stay asleep long. I was amazed we got as many poses as we did. It was so much much fun and with a bit of editing, I'm thrilled with the results. The photo above and the very last one in this post are my absolute favorites. (In case anyone is concerned, just wanted to make sure everyone knows that there is a blanket under the flag. These pictures are meant to inspire patriotism, not disrespect the flag)

 Pretty in Pink
 My Mamma wears patriotic cowgirl boots!

 Rina is laying on Michael's baby quilt. All of my kids have used it as babies/toddlers.  

The Littlest Lamont wrapped in her daddy's tartan with his clan badge.

This last one melts my mamma's heart big time. Hope you've enjoyed the pics of our precious little "Joyful Song". She has already rolled over completely on her own and slept through the night twice now, all before three weeks old. I guess that God knew that as older parents, we would require more sleep ;) She is strong and beautiful. The kids are still fascinated by her and super helpful. I think it is easier having a baby this time around with my other children being so independent. When she gets fussy in the evenings, I put her in the Ergo (an awesome baby front/back pack) and we putter around the homestead, trying to get a few things done. We are enjoying Rina immensely!

God Bless,


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