Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Prairie Primer 2016 - The First Four Years

I almost forgot to post our co-op pics from the last book in the Prairie Primer homeschool unit study. The First Four Years is a small book but it is packed with a lot of good information and things to learn about. We made doughnuts with Almanzo's mother's recipe. Always a hit! The girls twisted them into all kinds of shapes just for fun. 

Josiah showed us some footage of traditional wheat harvesting methods with horses. My grandpa used to do this! These were BIG teams! Below is a video of my Grandpa hitching up his Fjords and farming with them. It was taken a little before he passed away at the age of 91. I miss this man! He was a truly gifted horseman. 

 Jeni got some snuggle time with little Rina while listening to the kids do their presentations.
Amanda and Alli gave Rina a Usborne "Spot the Duck" book and plush ducky to go with it for her birthday. 

 Hailey taught us about different sheep breeds: wool, prolific and meat breeds. It was very interesting. She is excited to be saving up for her first ewe lamb this summer.
Naomi taught us about fire safety in the home. 

 Josiah presented Mendel's Law of Heredity and gave us some charts and examples. Genetics is always a fascinating subject, especially when you're a redhead!
 Gracia told us all about the Saint Bernard breed. Very interesting!
We feasted on rabbit and dumplings and chicken and dumplings, cornbread and creamed peas for our last meal together for the homeschool year. 

 So yummy! I think the food is our favorite part of the Prairie Primer. Some of these recipes, are now family regulars.
 Topped off the meal with fresh doughnuts cooked in coconut oil instead of lard. 
 Amanda was so sweet and gave all the kids gifts the last day of PP. We decided to dress causal that day.
Josiah appreciated his monogrammed handkerchiefs which are super handy for Boy Scout camp outs.

 Amanda gave each of the girls a "Little House on the Prairie" book locket. So sweet!
Rina a got a prairie rag doll from Amanda. She loves it!

And that's a wrap! Our family has now completed the Prairie Primer twice and I'm looking forward to doing it again eventually when Rina is in 4th or 5th grade. Keeping all my books in anticipation. As we move into next year, our three family co-op will be doing the "Further Up and Further In" unit study based on the Chronicles of Narnia. Looking forward to dressing up in WWII era and medieval clothing for this next unit study. We love total emersion!

Thanks for joining us on our journey! Can't wait to see what new adventures in homeschooling await us this next school year.

God Bless,


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