Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Homestead Happenings - April 2016

What a month! Yes, I'm so far behind blogging. Hope I can catch up soon. I want my kids to have a record of all the fun stuff they did and accomplished as they grew up, so I continue on, even if I'm waaaayyyy behind. Michael was gone to Europe on a military mission for three weeks in April. The day he left a lot of interesting things happened on the homestead. The rooster, Blondie, started aggressively attacking us as we entered his domain, so I asked Josiah if he would take care of him for me. He got the job done quickly with his bow. Never wanting to waste food, I asked Josiah if he would butcher it for us. 

He and his lovely assistant, Hailey, got 'er done! Blondie made a fabulous dish of chicken and dumplings. I was so proud of these kids! I'm way too squeamish to do kill or butcher an animal. I'd have to be starving!
As we were burying Blondie's inedible parts in the corner of the garden, we heard and saw a swarm of honeybees land in one of our trees. Josiah quickly started working on getting the swarm captured. It took him 4 tries, again with the help of his assistant, Hailey.
It took two days, but they finally got the swarm in the hive.

Unfortunately, they might have accidently killed the queen because they never did find her. So we ordered a queen bee ($47 for a stinkin' bee) and she is doing great and so is the hive. Unfortunately we lost our other hive as the other queen died. Wish we would have bought two queens now. Oh well. Beekeeping is a gamble for sure. At least we have one strong hive going!
Rina loves to watch the hens out in their chicken yard. And I love to watch her!
Homeschooling in the hammock is so much fun! Love these sunny days. 
We got to go on a homeschool field trip out to a ranch/feedlot and walked a bit of the Oregon Trail.

Then we went to an OSU test plot where the kids got to dig around in the soil. My soil scientist's heart just loves to watch this! Can you tell which kids are mine, LOL? Yep, they are easy to spot in a crowd ;)

Our little homestead blessing. We love this girl!

Someone gave us more laying hens to add to our flock, plus 4 older chicks. We lost the Orphington, but all the rest are doing great. We have 15 hens now!
We were so blessed to be able to spend Passover with our friends, the Clarks. We started out with a foot washing and then a Mediterranean finger food feast.
Kids reclining in the living room before the Seder ceremony and meal.
Josiah took this picture as we are ceremonially washing our hands. I love Rina in the background of this pic.
We enjoyed eating the Seder meal with our friends. The Passover is FOR KIDS. God wanted the people to always be teaching the next generation what He had done for the Hebrew people by setting them free from slavery in Egypt. As Christians, we can clearly see the correlation between the Passover Lamb and Christ who was sacrificed for our sins so that we can have eternal life. What a joy to be able to celebrate this event with New Testament eyes!

Blessings, Jackie


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