Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Homestead Happenings: October 2016

A fine cow/sheep dog Champ is! The sheep are chasing him! They weren't scared at all of the go-cart or ATVs, either.

Early frost again this year gave us several green pumpkins. I tried making a green pumpkin cobbler that tasted just like apple cobbler. I got the idea from Ma Ingalls in The Long Winter.

Rina is trying to figure out where all the grapes are that she's been eating all summer. Her hair is REALLY coming in more blonde.
 Helping Daddy as he trims the shrubs back. She loves being his "swamper".
 We let her ride around in the t-bucket around the homestead with daddy. She screams when it's time to get out.
 I entered this picture into a couple of magazines. We'll see what happens. I just thought it was so cute. Rina loves to feed all the animals on the homestead.
 Brother's little helper!
We took the time out of our homeschool schedule to go to the open house at the National Weather station here in town. There are only 3 in Oregon. It was very interesting. Josiah's Scout Master was there with a demonstration on practical ways to keep our water sources clean.
Never too early to start homeschooling! I think Hailey will make an excellent teacher.

You might be a redneck if you bring home a 🐑 ram in the back of a Subaru! We have a young ram visiting our ewes for the next couple months. Better late than never. Thanks for the visit and your  help Cousin Joey and family!

Mama's little helper is 18 months! Had to get her her own Dyson so she'd let me vacuum with mine.
 Josiah got the idea to make some boots out of one of the sheep hides he and his dad naturally tanned.
 I also entered this picture into a couple of magazines for consideration. It cracked me up when I found Cuddles in my outdoor basket that goes on my deck table. He looked very comfortable.
I got to see both my nephews play 8 man football with the Dufur Rangers. My niece, Lily enjoyed teacher Rina some cheers! The Rangers cleaned house that tonight 🏈

 We decided the old front porch was enough of a safety hazard that we had to replace it this fall.
 Michael and I and Rina all worked together to get this deck together as quickly as possible before the really bad weather hit. Rina took her job of handing us screws very seriously.
 It turned out better than I expected. It is on the shady side of the house and we can now sit on the deck and watch the chickens, sheep and garden grow. It was expensive, but I don't think we'll regret that we made it into a deck, not just a porch.
 My makeshift "bistro" set - two camping chairs and an old oak captain's chair that had all it's spindles broken off long ago that now serves as my table. Looking forward to doing my bible studies out here for years to come.
 Mom and Larry gave Rina a little "Candy Corn Kitty" for Halloween. She really likes it. She liked the card that went with it, too.
 This girl loves shoes! Got her these shoes for the future, but she spotted them and wanted to wear them despite them being too big. She's just like her Aunt Stacie.
Sickness ran through the kids this month. Rina got hit with teething and a cold. Poor girl! The only thing good about it is that she actually let me snuggle her, usually she's too busy.

 Continued the tradition of Trick or treating two local assisted living centers with friends, then Mom and Larry. Went home and had a pumpkin shaped Papa Murphys pizza and then settled in to watch the old Disney classic "Ghosts of Buxley Hall" while eating popcorn . Rina was dressed as a 🐝, Hailey was Batgirl and Josiah was an Army soldier.
The cutest bee on the homestead!

Monday, November 28, 2016

Camp Rilea Family Vacation - Beach/Civil War Reenactment (Labor Day Weekend 2016)

Rina was awestruck when she saw the beach for the first time. I've love that moment when each of my kids first sees the ocean and squiggles their toes in the sand. 
That childlike wonder of God's creation is a precious thing to behold. 

May we be like children and appreciate the beauty all around us and find delight in His world. 

Michael loved going out there with her and watching her delight in the sand and waves.

We were able to stay at Camp Rilea with my sister's crew and our mom and stepdad. The weather was fantastic and the kids were able to actually get into the ocean.

Mom leading Rina down the path through the dune to the ocean. 
On Saturday we spent the day at the Civil War reenactment at Camp Rilea. It happens every Labor Day weekend and we enjoy going every few years. My two eldest nephews, Josh and Marcus, were recruited in the morning and got to participate in the afternoon battle. 

They did really good keeping up with the other soldiers. 

Rina enjoyed trying to find her cousins in the binoculars. 

I was really proud of them for allowing themselves to experience a little of what the Civil War soldier had to go through. Reenactments really help history come alive! Josiah and his younger cousins can't wait to try it as soon as they are old enough.

Josh Marching with his regiment.
Marcus is the middle soldier in the darker uniform. 
Josh is in the middle, in the back, looking towards the camera. 

After the battle, they were hot and sweaty to be sure, but full of interesting stories of their experiences.
This man and his wife did a wonderful job of portraying President Lincoln and First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln.
On our way back from the beach that night, we ran into a bunch of elk. It was breathtaking to watch them close up.
Settling in for the night back at the "barracks". We camped out in a "duplex" at Camp Rilea for only $75 a night. Had 12 people in here with two toilets and two showers and even a refrigerator. We did all our cooking outside on the campstove. The kids got to bike all over the place. They love it!

We visited Seaside the next day and the kids rode the carousel and then we all went out for sushi. Rina loves seaweed! 

We had a great time playing the bumper cars over and over at Seaside. I guess I'm too old for this now as I had a really sore neck the next day. Boohoo! Stinks getting older :( Oh well, I know it was worth it because I loved seeing the smiles on my kids' and my nieces' and nephews' faces.

I was able to pay for our portion of the trip with my Underground Tour money that I've been getting for guiding. It's wonderful that we're able to do some fun things without having to stress about where the money is going to come from. What a blessing! My sister and I are planning a trip to Greece in May with her in-laws. I'm going to save all my Underground money to be able to go with her. I'm so excited for this once in a lifetime opportunity!

Have a Blessed Day,

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Experiencing Peace During the Holiday Season

The holidays can be such a tough time. I've learned of so much tragedy this past week. Our sweet neighbor when we were living in La Grande passed away of a heart attack while hunting. Our dentist suddenly passed away last weekend. A 15 year old football player in Crane died in an auto accident leaving behind a grieving family and community. We have homeschool friends who never dreamed they'd be in a children's cancer ward this Thanksgiving. Friends and family who are falling off the wagon to their addictions and others who are experiencing multiple miscarriages. I've had such a burden of love for all these friends and family who are going through horrible circumstances.

After doing my bible study this morning on the Armor of God, I was reminded once again of how God's peace through His Son's sacrifice can supernaturally get us through these horrifying circumstances. We have to have peace WITH God (not blaming God for the circumstances) which leads us to the peace OF God which transcends beyond the circumstances. So I'm thankful this Thanksgiving for God's precious Word that points me to His Truths that get me through this world where an enemy (Satan) is constantly on the prowl seeking to destroy or render God's people ineffective due to the pain they are experiencing.

So as I'm praying for all these loved ones, I'm determined to also press into His Word to help me experience the SUPERNATURAL PEACE that comes from the GOSPEL OF PEACE. I'm praying that anyone else with a heavy heart this Thanksgiving will do the same. God is a gentleman, He's waiting for you to seek Him. IF YOU SEEK HIM, YOU WILL FIND HIM. It's a promise! With that, I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!

God Bless,

Jackie and Family

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Homestead Happenings - September 2016

 We've fallen in love with our three ewe lambs. They each have such different personalities. I never thought I'd like sheep, but I have to say, I'm getting attached pretty fast to these sweethearts. The kids love having barnyard pets for the first time.
Homeschooling started so I decided to take some school pictures this year since I didn't get around to it last year. Josiah wanted to wear the shirt he received from his Nana who actually went to Rome this summer. He wore it to his first Latin class of the school year. He is now in his third year of Latin and not loving it, but doing okay. He likes the friends he's made in the class and his teacher but not so much the language. He is now a 7th grader!

Hailey is now 9 years old and in 3rd grade. She is really looking more grown up all the time.
Hailey and Rina love to hang out in the garden and eat grapes whenever they get a chance.
Cutest angel food cake ever!
Rina's first time at the ocean. She was enraptured of course. I'll do a separate post soon about our fun family trip to the beach.
Hailey helped me harvest the grapes when they were finally ripe enough. We got about 5 gallons of clusters. By far the most we've ever gotten thanks to my nephew, Marcus's expert pruning efforts.
Made it into juice with my steamer/juicer.
Pendleton Round Up week. Let 'er Buck! We started out with the kick-off parade and then the next morning we went to Cowboy Church in the park. What a privilege to worship with hundreds of other Christians from our community is unity and love.
Rina likes to supervise her dad when he's working on the T-Bucket.
Not only did we go on a field trip with our local homeschool group to the Round Up and Happy Canyon grounds, we also went to Tamastslikt Cultural Center to see famous Nez Perce cowboy, Jackson Sundown's personal effects. It was the 100th anniversary of Sundown's historic bronc ride on "Angel" at the Pendleton Round Up in 1916 at age 53, making him the World Champion. Saw his riding gauntlets that were made and beaded for him by his wife. Also saw his teepee and cook stove that he and his family used during the Pendleton Round Up all those years ago. Neat to see the kids appreciating local history.
Spending time with the sheep. Love watching these girls. They are so funny and cute.
Took the kids to the 100th year anniversary Happy Canyon night show. We all loved it! A lot has changed since I was a kid. Moved along much faster in the first half. Much larger cast, too. Costumes and horses were so beautiful! Perfect homeschool field trip.
Michael found a blower for a forge at a yard sale for a great price. Now all we need to find is a forge. Josiah and Michael love blacksmithing.
Westward Ho parade! All non-mechanized. Lots and lots of horses! Rina enjoyed herself sitting on Grandma Kricket's lap. Her sunglasses pressing her ears down crack me up.
Found this cute little western/prairie shirt for Rina at a thrift store. She was Round Up ready!
Josiah turned 13! Hailey made him his cake and for the first time ever, we didn't have a party. We let him have a sleepover with one of his Boy Scout friends. Then we went to his favorite place for dinner and had - sushi!
The next week we started our Chronicles of Narnia unit study. I will "chronicle" those in separate posts. So far we're loving it!
Hailey amazed us with her flexibility. She must be double jointed or something. I wouldn't have a smile on my face if I attempted this! Wow!
Josiah turned his room into an army bunker, complete with trap door (Hailey is demonstrating). The creativity of these kids always astounds me. All the hides on his wall are ones that he and his dad tanned naturally a few years ago. Currently they are working on a beaver, cougar and racoon hide.
Honey harvest time! Again, late because of busyness, but we managed to get approximately 3 1/2 gallons out of the one hive that Josiah and Hailey captured in the spring. The other two died. So we were grateful to get any honey at all! Not enough to sell, but enough to provide our family honey for a year. We go through a lot of it!

Liquid gold! Isn't it pretty? So much work goes into honey harvest, but when I look at this, I know it is all worth it. 

God Bless, Jackie


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