Thursday, June 10, 2010

Homeschoolers Turn Remodeling Into Physics Experiment

We've had my oldest nephew, Josh, stay with us this week. He just cracks me up. His imagination floors me! I turned around to see this scene. He made a ski run out of a pilaster box by propping it up on the step ladder and the stacked wood flooring. He used the straps on the wood as indicators (100 yard line, 200 yard line, etc) to see how far the Lego skier traveled. He even cut a hole middle of the box so he could see how fast it went. Here is Josh's Lego skier. He and Josiah took turns racing their skiers down the "run". Boys are so competitive!Michael put Hailey and Josh to work painting the pilasters, crown head and pediment that are going to go around our front door. They thought that was the bomb! I went for a motorcycle ride and then a card-making class so I didn't have to watch. I'm just way too picky about that kind of thing. Michael reassured me that he would repaint them and they would look good.A couple of nights ago, we decided to pull up our very uneven hallway to prepare for the new wood flooring. We were just going to tear out the old flooring, but we found this underneath. The boards were extremely cracked and broken. No wonder the floor was creaking and it was so concave in nature! So we decided to fix it the right way, which meant we had to remove all of the flooring down to the joists. Yes, that is insulation you see.Michael had to lay two pieces of plywood down to create a new sub-floor. It was weird walking on such a flat surface in the hallway. I never noticed how uneven it was before. Nice to know it is good shape now. The rest of this week will involve putting oak trim across the support beam. We got the bottom done last night and it looks great. Michael is working for the  Guards this week, that is why he is still in his uniform in these pictures. It has been nice to have him home earlier.

Been making cheese, replanting part of the garden (mostly warm weather plants), homeschooling and database work. Tonight we are taking the boys to see an "Extreme Bulls" show at our local rodeo grounds. Then tomorrow I'm off to scrapbook camp. Still haven't got the last 100+ pages in albums. Have a great weekend, everyone!

God Bless,


Heart2Heart said...


Love how creative your kids are and the ability of them to get involved. Trust me that they will remember it long after they've grown.

I still remember my father teaching me how to build wood decks, fences and laying bricks. Now it's come in handy as we've worked on creating our own backyard.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

I am blessed! said...

Looks like fun! We have a few projects of our own around here, but nothing too major. It's never-ending, isn't it?

Camille said...

Oh Jackie ~ Looks great! What a patient hubby you have to include the kids like that! How fun that Stacie's boy is there spicing things up a bit. LOL...what a creative guy! :)

You will be so happy that you did things the "right" way although it sometimes takes patience to get the results you are after. I know firsthand what it is to find "surprises" during renovations...the stories I could tell! ;-)

Hang in will all be done beautifully and you will SO enjoy it! try to enjoy the process...this is LIFE too. :)

With Love,

candy said...

Oh Boy do I know Josh and his wonderful imagination.I love just watching those Brown kids,to see what they come up with next.
I love your new Blog picture,I loved the last one too. I hope you have a great time at scrapbook camp. Dianna will love having her girls with her.
looks like you are making things so beautiful in your home.

Connie said...

Everything is coming together so well, even with all the undesired surprised. Hang in - you are going to make it! Seems like the kids can always find a way to have fun - good lesson for us.

Catherine said...

It's a good think Michael knows what he is doing and loves to have the kids help. I'd go for a motorcycle ride too if I were you!

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

That's my Josh! I can't wait to see if your floor is going to creak as bad as it always has.

Rachel and Family said...

David wishes he were a part of the race. He wants to challenge them both.

We are so going to make that soap! I wish I still had youth group to do that in!

RaD said...

You are a scrapbook queen! I can't keep up with mine at all. I just do slide shows instead.


Love the pics. How have you been? I have missed talking to you. I love wood flooring. I bet it will look great when you are done. Blessings,

sanjeet said...

Looks like fun!
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Thank You for the Anniversary wishes and all your prayers. Have a great week. Blessings,

Sarah said...

Thank you for sharing your latest photo's Jackie! Its so great to be able to keep up with your re-modelling work! I bet you can't wait to have it all done!

Loved the 'physics' lesson taught by Josh! Lol! Children do think up the most ingenius tasks!

Oh and I received an email from Amazon the other day that the book from my give-away has been shipped, so you should receive it very soon if not already!

God Bless


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