Friday, July 30, 2010

Horse Camp at the Beach, Part 1

Since I've been gone, we've been to the beach for a family vacation, a family reunion, a MOPS Planning Retreat, more remodeling and catching up on the house and garden during the week. 
So first things first, I'll start with our mini-vacation to the beach. Since I was a teenager, we've gone to Nehalem Bay with my dad and step-mom. They take their big horses and minis and ride on the beach. Now that all us kids have children, it is even more fun. This first picture is of Hailey seeing the ocean for the first time. She was literally screaming for joy when she saw it. She absolutely loves water, and she was in heaven. I love seeing the world afresh through a child's eyes.The cousins found a driftwood fort that they thought was great fun.I thought Hailey was never going to get tired of playing in the ocean (or the sand). Playing with brother - jumping waves.My twin sis, Stacie, and I hangin' out on the beach. It was nice weather most of the time. My step-mom made me that shirt when I was in high school. I always bring it with me when I go camping. She even made me a new one, but I just can't bear to give my old one up yet.Michael has so much patience with the kids. He helped Hailey build a rockin' sand castle.This little cutie is my brother's son, Noah. Couldn't you just eat him up? Love those cheeks! He was enthralled with the ocean as well.Last beach picture of Hailey Baby and the sunglasses she picked out. Talk about "Rose Colored Glasses", LOL!

Stay tuned, my next post will be about the horses.

BTW, Hailey's 3rd birthday is tomorrow. Can't wait for the Luau Party! I totally dig themed parties.



Jill said...

What lovely pics! love seeing the joy on their faces! We are headed to Hersheypark tomorrow. Hope you have a great weekend! Happy Birthday Hailey! (Had to watch my spelling, I spell my daughters Hayley, LOL)

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Great pics, Jack! I loved them all. The kids and I thought Hailey looked precious! It was a great vacation!

Anonymous said...

I was wondering when you would post about your version of the vacation. I've pretty sure that eveyone was vacationing last week! Look forward to the rest of the story- It was pretty cool, as we were at the artists talkback with the Newsboys, we could hear Downhere playing, I was happy to be at the talkback, but I really wanted to SEE Downhere- can't do it all I guess!!

RaD said...

I love seeing things fresh through my children's eyes as well. The mundane can become the extraordinary.

Those are some great pictures at the beach, Hailey is so cute!

The Real Me! said...

Oh how fun!! My husband liked the driftwood fort. We would get along so well, I can tell. LOL!
And that picture of Noah is soooo cute!! Just wanna kiss his face. And your daughter's face when she saw the ocean is priceless.
Wish her a happy birthday for me!
And I love Luau themed parties. I've done a few and they are really fun.
Have a great weekend.

Patty said...

Looks like everyone had a wonderful vacation. Sweet memories in the making I know. Hope you have a great weekend.

Catherine said...

What a wonderful, and I've been waiting for 'your side of the story' too. Great pictures and wonderful memories.

Camille said...

Oh all looks like so much fun! How wonderful that you could spend time together at the beach...AND with horses! Your little Hailey is so beautiful! :)


Chris in FL--Joyful Mother said...

I've read up on stacie's blog about your beach vacation. How fun!!

You took some nice pictures and your kids are so adorable. I love their red hair.


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