Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Tree Folly

Doesn't my son look so innocent playing with his train set around the Christmas tree? Looks like a Norman Rockwell photo, doesn't it? All I can say is I'm so grateful I snapped this photo because of the next scene.

I made the mistake of asking Josiah to water the tree. I was in the kitchen and smelled the wonderful smell of fresh cut greens. Hum, thats weird. I went to inspect. I see Josiah in front of the Christmas tree, cutting away branches with serious intensity. Momzilla came out! Not a good scene. After I finally gave him a chance to speak, he said he was watering the tree and the branches were poking his face. Without asking, he decided to get the sharp rose clippers and take care of the problem himself. Apparently he didn't notice the ornaments, lights and garland falling off every time he cut a branch! 

Here is the end result. And no, we can't simply turn the tree around because there is a natural hole in the back, too. We're calling it our "Hole in the Wall Tree". Oh my, I was so mad, I couldn't discipline him. Apparently I have an unhealthy attachment to my Christmas trees. Luckily Michael was on his way home and he took care of the discipling. The thing I was the most angry about is that he has a bad habit (as most boys that age) of "doing before asking". He knows better than to cut on anything without asking first. That is what he got in trouble for, not his problem solving skills. Sigh. In the end, we all agreed that even though it was annoying, it wasn't life and death. Hopefully a lesson was learned for all of us. And hey, we've got a great conversational piece in our home right now! Nope, I'm never lettin' him live this one down, LOL. NEVER! His wife WILL know about this someday!

From Michael's Aunt Cookie: One year my mom decided to flock the tree but bought by mistake pink spray so we had a pink tree! Funny how I remember the mishaps with such fondness - the perfect tree not so much. Aunt Cookie

Well said, Aunt Cookie! 



Paula said...

I guess I have an unhealthy attachment to my tree too, because I would have lost it too. I have to watch Ella because she is trying to be so independent she's starting to 'do before asking' too. Or she tells me she's doing it in the middle of doing it!

Catherine said...

Memory-making events seem to always begin with a negative slant before they turn positive. I'm positive on that one!

Amy said...

I loved this. Thank you. It made my day.

Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

Oh my gosh Jackie!!!! I laughed so hard when I read this that my entire family wanted to know what was up!!!

At first, I was afraid a garden hose entered the home...

I am so glad you took photos.. This is precious... seriously precious... In the moment, no, but what a wonderful real life story!!!

Perhaps he also has a future in the Forest Service!!!!

OK.. a share.. when I was about 9 or 10, my mom told me to scrub the kitchen floor while she left to go grocery shopping. So, I took that shaker 'green' scrub stuff, and a course scrubber, and scrubbed the wax and anything else on the linollium right off of it.. boy, was I in also in trouble!

Anonymous said...

Oh my!!! Um, it does change as they get older, it gets worse! My two young men, exercise their manliness {ie leadership skills} at the most unopportune momments- they can't help themselves, they were put here to "solve" all problems us women might encounter!!! Raising twins boys is like watching one of those nature movies, where the two little twin {male} cubs/pups; are constantly "playing"; but really they are deciding who the alphamale is...That's what my house is like! And once they have an idea of the way somthing should go down, they are deaf to listening to the Momma ~!~

Wishing you the best!

Sarah said...

Oh my! I totally would have 'lost it' too Jackie! Way to go you, for also leaving the disciplining to Dad who wasn't as cross!

Poor Josiah! I guess its just a boy thing! Haha!

Loved the photographs Jackie!

Merry Christmas to you all!

Jenn said...

Jackie, this made me laugh so hard! What a boy!!! Thank goodness he didn't snip a strand of lights...that may of gave him a bit of a zap!

I'm sure you will laugh about this in years to come!

Mary R. said...

Oh, that's cute, and brings back memories of when my children were that age. One day, my son took my jewelry apart that I had given him to play with on the bed while I was drying my hair (he pried all the metal closures apart with his little fingers -- yes, I was upset, but not too badly, lol, and I put them back together again.

Camille said...

LOL!!! Oh Jackie!! This is PRICELESS!!!!!!!!! Really, you will laugh in years to come...sounds like you may already be laughing. :)

I am taking a little break from the computer until the New I just stopped in to wish you a wonderful CHRISTmas and a blessed New Year. I will look forward to catching up with you early in 2011.

With Love,

hip-chick said...

let this be a lesson to his siblings not to poke him in the face LOL
You will one day look back on this and laugh. in fact, depending on how his teen years go you may one day wish this was the worst thing he was doing...

RaD said...

HA! That's funny, now that it's over anyways. Hopefully lesson learned :)

Deborah Ann said...

I'm laughing so hard! "An unhealthy attachment" to a tree. LOL!!! Thank God you can retain your sense of'll be needing it!

Have a blessed CHRISTmas!


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