Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday Meanderings

Hailey and Josiah love getting into my gigantic stainless steel mixing bowl and spinning each other around in it. It is a great game to them. I'm also giving you a sneak peek at the oak bookshelf/window seat my husband is currently building for me. As soon as he gets the cushion and the back sewed, I'll post some pictures. All I can say is he's in for it now because I know he can build simple beautiful furniture. I've got another four books shelves I want him to build now. He's so handy! I love that he isn't afraid to take on something new. Pottery Barn's got nothing on my hubby!

We finally got around to making the volcano Josiah got for Christmas. Man, did he have fun with that! I think we went through half of a gigantic bottle of white vinegar, making it explode over and over.I love my new camera!
Josiah has been having fun making his Lego creations  as always. This is "Luke Skywalker and the Invasion of the Imperial Walker". Michael has been working on building a carburetor  for his T-Bucket Roadster. He got all the pieces for Christmas and now he is putting it all together himself. 

I got to go to a MOPS scrapbook/craft day this weekend. My sweet friend, Girlie, paid my way. In 8 hours I got 27 scrapbook pages done. This is one of my favorites. Very nice of my hubby to let me go all day. He gets to go steelhead fishing on MLK Day. Nice that we both got to do something just for ourselves this long weekend.

Josiah and his culinary creation that he calls "Dog Wa". It is essentially a piece of bread, fried egg, slice of ham, melted cheese with sauted garlic and mushrooms and cilantro. He added the carrots and cilantro for color around the plate. Look, he made me one too and it was surprisingly delicious.
I snapped this picture of Hailey wearing the tutu that was mine when I was little girl. I'm going to wait until she is 5 years old before I put her into a dance class. When it is time, I know she'll love it.
Josiah got an MP3 player for Christmas. I loaded all the "Seeds of Worship" music onto it. I love hearing him walk around the house singing scripture. It is awesome! Thanks for getting it for him, Diana. He loves it! 

Thanks so much for your prayers regarding my sis. She doing better. She got the 6 inch pin pulled out of her foot on Friday. She still in pain but it is getting better. Please continue to pray for her as she is still unable to take care of her household by herself. Pray God will continue to meet her every need through kind friends and family. Thank you!

God Bless,


Rachel and Family said...

Love your blog, as always. Your new camera sounds great. I love the ones of the kids with the stretched out heads. Funny!

How fun with the volcano, legos, tutu, stainless steel bowl, etc. What a fun and stimulating home!!

You and Stacie amaze me with how you knock out those scrapbook pages!

Valerie said...

So much fun...the volcano was pretty cool! :) Getting a scrapbooking day away would be wonderful. My stuff sits on the shelf here at home, rarely touched. Life just keeps moving on and there seems to be little time for it. "Someday" I tell myself. :) Glad you had a good time and good luck to your fishing hubby!

LizyBeth said...

What great pictures! It sounds like you have a very creative family- I love it!

Catherine said...

Sounds like an ideal life you have there, darlin'! ...and it LOOKS like it too. I love your new camera, well the pictures you take wit it, that is.

Camille said...

Oh what a great post Jackie! *LOVE* the photo of the kids in goggles. :) And that scrapbook page is terrific! fun that your children can FIT into that bowl!! Mine never thought of spinning in times! :)

Many blessings to you my friend!

Jill said...

Love the picture of her in the bowl! How fun! Looks like you all have been having lots of fun! I love to scrapbook too but there never seems to be much time. That's why I started blogging. Have a great night!

christy rose said...

What a great post! Full of so much family fun!!

Love the picture of Hailey in the mixing bowl.. Too cute!!

And I bet Josiah did love creating the blast of the volcano. Who wouldn't!! It is so much fun!!

And what a great culinary creation he made. I am extremely impressed. My Josiah is 17 and has just stepped up to any kind of interest in cooking for himself. Of course him getting a job flipping burgers has kinda helped that. I think he realized he can do it and he kind of enjoys the outcome when he does. He is not quite as creative as your Josiah though. :)

You are very blessed to have a husband who is willing and able to learn how to do anything. Mine is the same way. He is finishing up remodeling our basement now and is completely creating a bathroom down there. It is turning out great!!

I am glad to hear that Stacie is doing better!! Hopefully she will be up and around and better than before soon!!

Hope you have a great week!!

Sarah said...

Haha I just loved the photograph of Josiah and Hailey in their safety goggles!

It was so great to catch up with the happening in your home Jackie! Thank you for your congratulations and well wishes on the birth of our daughter!

God Bless


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