Saturday, April 2, 2011

Crash and Burn - One Determined Kid!

We finally got a break in the weather and I decided to try to teach Josiah to ride his bike again. After two laps around the neighborhood, running into a minivan, car trailer, countless driveways and lawns, and even his little sister and I, Josiah can officially say he has ridden his bike without training wheels! After the second time around, I ran into get my camera so I could shoot some video of him. They are a little shaky because I was either running to see if he was hurt OR trying so hard NOT to laugh. It was seriously so stinking funny. 

Here a few short video clips you might find just slightly entertaining at my son's expense. (Really, he loves it when I put things on the blog about him.) No, he didn't get seriously hurt in any of these incidents. I think he'll sleep good tonight! He may be even a little sore in the morning.
Josiah showing Hailey his owies. I think he was glad I made him put on a long sleeved shirt. This was the first time Hailey got to ride a bike with training wheels. She was so happy to be riding a "big" bike.

Josiah, my drama king, showing me how utterly exhausted he was from all that riding. 

He barely had a scraped knee, but he hand to show off his "war wounds". He cracks me up!

It was nice to see my kids using their determination in a positive way (not always the case, trust me). Hailey just insisted on trying to get unstuck herself. She was slow but steady. Josiah just kept falling and getting back up. I couldn't believe we made it as long as we did. Neither of them wanted to go inside for dinner, but my nerves had all I could take by that time. I think they're hooked! How do I know, hum lets see. I caught my "Denise the Menace" riding through the house. Yep, I think he's hooked!

Blessings, Jackie


Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

OH my gosh!!!! I laughed so so so hard! First, what you wrote and THEN the videos! The van and trailer killed me....

And YOU crack me up!!!!!!! The laughing is too much... so funny!

Now..mama...about those breaks???

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Oh my. That was agony to watch. I think his coordination hasn't caught up with him. He is also hitting whatever he is looking at. We are going to have to work with him this weedend!

Great videos though. Glad he wasn't hurt!

He has determination and heart!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I know, I felt like such a terrible mom for laughing, but it was seriously so funny. I was still laughing as was downloading the videos last night. So glad he was laughing right along with me. I think it is good to be able to laugh at ourselves. I'm thinking of getting him a bike with out tax return money this weekend. I think brakes are a MUST!

RaD said...

Love the pleading, "Please don't hit the van, please don't hit the van..."

Elisha had a tough time with take offs too. It they don't get a smooth take off they are very likely to crash. The thing I had to remind him was not to be timid to just take off, the slower you go the harder it is. Course, with no brakes, speed may not be a good thing for Josiah!

If Hailey is anything like Bethany she'll take off with ease. As soon as I took the training wheels off she was slightly wobbly, but never fell and was racing her brother the first day.

Congratulations Josiah!

PS, (and no offense here) Josiah and Hailey's helmets are too loose. If they were to crash hard the helmet would shift and their little heads may still get hurt.

Jenn said...

YEAH! Way to go Josiah! Wish I could view the videos, but dial-up is too SLOW! So, I'll just have to imagine! :)

Justine said...

haha kids are so funny, I can still remember learning to ride a bike.... it was amazing. I used to hit everything too.... I think it goes with riding lol He'll get it in time especially when he is so determined

Anonymous said...

That was funny, Jackie. He took it like a little soldier! He is so adorable.:) I got Nathaniel's bike out today, too. I love these days!

Deborah Ann said...

Your kiddies are so dang cute! Gotta love the redheads. Wish I was one...

What nail-biting fun watching the videos - Go Josiah!

Michelle Lenore said...

That was so funny! I loved the videos!! :)


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