Monday, June 6, 2011

Blue Star Memorial Service At Kent Historical Museum

Even though we were on a mini-vacation, I did some research on-line before we left for Kent, WA, and I found a sweet little museum in Kent that was hosting a Blue Star Memorial Service. I really wanted to honor those who have fallen for our country in someway as well as use it as a homeschool learningexperience. After WWII, these Blue Star Memorials started popping up all over the country and apparently there was one in Kent, WA. It was located on the grounds of the Kent Historical Museum. So after our geocaching adventure in the morning, we drove over to the museum in time to see the Blue Star Memorial Day Service.

Here is the beautiful house that was originally built by a lumber tycoon and then was sold to a Japanese man before WWII. He had to sign this house over to his step-daughter (who was white) so that he didn't lose it when the Japanese were interned during WWII. If those walls could talk!

The Boy Scouts and the VFW helped serve as the Honor Guard.
They posted the flags from each branch of the military around the American Flag in the front lawn of the museum.

A bedroom inside the museum. Loved the metal toddler bed!

I'm always fascinated by wedding dresses and this was a beautiful example of the intricate work and detail that went into these old dresses.

Buttons and sewing basket.

These were hand-made hats. The women in the area got tired of buying hats out of the Sears catalog, so they began to make them out of whatever material they could find. Back then, unique hats were the bomb! Nobody wanted to be wearing the exact same hat.

When we got back to our friend's house, Rick let me take his Harley for a spin. It is a Sportster Harley Davidson, which felt really small in comparison to riding Michael's Softail, but it was sure fun. It definitely cornered a lot easier than Michael's bike. Man do I have riding in my blood. Love it, but it does make me nervous being the mother of small children, so I try to limit myself and pray a lot when I do go for a ride.

Next I'll be showing you pictures from the old coal mine we went to where we did some more geocaching. I was able to take some neat pictures, so stay tuned...



Catherine said...

It is delightful to be a part of you trip by pictures. What a find you discovered in Kent!

Sarah said...

Oooh, this looked lkike such an interesting place to visit! I LOVE old things! My husband and one of his sisters used to share a similar looking metal toddler bed (though theirs was a little bigger)

Lovely photographs Jackie...Glad you all had a lovely time!


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