Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Princess Tea Party: Hailey's 4th Birthday!

Hailey turned 4 years old last week! She wanted a princess-themed tea party. With the help of my sister, Stacie, we were able to make her dream come true for less than $30. She really loves all things "Tangled", so I splurged and got her the outfit. I already had the wig, which worked great for her, although her red bangs sticking out cracked me up. My sister's girls, Jessica and Lily (in picture above) also joined in the fun. Of course, I always love an excuse to dress up, so I got to be Rapunzel's mother.

Instead of cake, I found these cupcake holders with crown toothpicks and we used homemade whole wheat scones with strawberry jam and whipped cream. 

We made three varieties of tea sandwiches and served lots of fruit with vanilla tea.

Two of our guests had a new baby sister, Amelia, and all the girls crowded around to see her as soon as she arrived with her mom. Lots of mommies in the makin'! So sweet to see these girls' motherly instincts already kicking it :o)

The girls practiced their princess manners as they sipped tea and ate. Michael got Hailey the flowers and the balloon especially from him that morning. She absolutely loved getting those flowers! Typical female, ;o)

I got that tea cup for $1 at a yard sale the day before the party and all the linen for $1.

 The linen was enough to cover all the tables, give the room some color and the small lace table was included, too.

Of course Hailey received some cool princess items. I think her favorite was the large "Tangled" tower that my sister scored at a yard sale for $10. It was a hit for sure!

We played several princess-themed games. One of them was "Pass the Glass Slipper" (same idea as Hot Potato). We also hid green apples and one red apple around the room. The girl who found the red apple won some princess stickers. This was one of the most simple parties I've done. It just goes to show you don't have to spend a fortune to have a good time. Maybe we'll do a "Little House on the Prairie" themed party next year. 

Happy birthday to my wonderful daughter, Hailey! I can't imagine life without this little girl. She is so cheerful and friendly and loves to do new things. I'm seeing a love for Jesus develop in her that is so precious. She already is understanding that she can't be good on her own and that she needs the power of the Holy Spirit to help her. I didn't figure that out until I was 25. Can't wait to see what God has in store for Hailey. I know it is going to be good. May God bless her and may He give me wisdom on how to parent this strong-willed darlin'! 


RaD said...

My girl is very strong willed too. Sometimes I wonder if it goes with the gender.

In the first picture I thought for some reason yiou had Jacob dressed up as a princess too. He and Lily really do look a lot alike!

Hailey's party looks like so much fun!

Sarah said...

Happy 4th Birthday Hailey! Her party looked so wonderful Jackie, I'm glad that she enjoyed her special day!

Catherine said...

Oh, Jackie, this was a sweet marking of her year...as a princess! My, your treats look delicious, and the girls are all darling, especially Hailey!

Freckles and Frogs said...

What a lovely party of course! Happy Birthday!!!!

mackyton said...

Hailey's 4th Birthday Princess Tea Party bash is exactly how my mom hosted for my birthday when I was a kid. I have the photos from that party. Now it’s my time to make my mom happy on her upcoming birthday. At one of the New York venues I would be hosting the surprise party for her.


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