Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Civil War Dress Of My Dreams!

I grew up on a ranch without any television. It was the greatest gift my parents could have given me. My twin sis and I always played dress up, and I never really got over it. I still like to play dress up! My kids love it when I dress up for their theme parties. If you've read any of my previous posts, you'll know that one of our family's dreams is to one day become Civil War reenactors. I got a step closer to that dream when I found a screamin' good deal on a this Civil War skirt and jacket at a sutler's tent. (The sun is shining through the trees and making it look like there are blotches on my dress)
I got the hat at Ross for $7. It will work for two of my costumes. It is a Scottish Highland type crotchet hat, but slid back, I can make it into a snood for my Civil War costume, too. This last weekend I found the rest of the accessories at yard sales.  I found the lace shawl at a yard sale a friend of mine was having. She and my previous boss brought it back from Spain. Got it for $1. I found the shirt (it had tatting lace around the collar) at the same sale for only $2. I also found a early 50's style dress at that sale, too for $5. The silver brooch and earrings were Michael's grandmother's. Then I got the woven sash at another yard sale for $.25. It all went perfectly with the dress. All I need now is a parasol, a little hand bag and some fingerless gloves. Can you tell I'm excited?!!!
This is the serious, old-time photo my mom took of me. She said I had to have at least one. I tell you it was hard not to smile while wearing that dress! 

I'm learning how to sit properly in a hoop skirt. Not sure how I would get into a car with that thing on, LOL.

I still can't believe how God blessed me with this outfit. It was completely frivolous. God had just provided us with some extra money that was unexpected. I almost didn't buy it, in fact I walked out of the tent and told Michael I wasn't going to. He was so sweet and my "Mr. Practical" told me to get back in there and buy it because I wouldn't find that deal again and we couldn't make the dress for that price. I couldn't believe it. So I went back in and bought it without any regrets and God blessed me with the rest of the accessories. I really felt like God was simply wanting to delight me. What an awesome God I serve! That He cares for me, even my frivolous desires, just blows me away :o)

God Bless,


Melanie said...

I love the dress it is absolutely beautiful!! My favorite accessory is the lace shawl though, just lovely. And how fun it will be to do Civil War reenactments!

Anonymous said...

I love it, Jackie! I am not as in to the Civil War, as my Josiah is. He is downright nutty about it! Particularly when he dug a Civil War trench in my backyard at the ripe age of 8...up to his chest. Only in South Texas sandy loam...:-)

Paula said...

Yes, it was always fun trying to fit in the car in full 16th century garb (including corset). Love the dress.

RetroRocketGal said...

Oh, nice! It's important to buy those things that really catch your eye if you can afford it; you invariably regret it later if you don't.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

You gals are crackin' me up!

The Real Me! said...

Oh I love it! It's perfect. Not to mention you look fabulous in it. You got some serious great deals. Way to go. I love it when the Lord blesses in such simple ways.

Sarah said...

Wow! Beautiful dress Jackie! I wish wearing clothes like that was the norm now!

I do have one "floorsweeper" that I have for winter time; I love going out to fetch the wood in it and picking up snow as I go...its like living in "Little Women" for me!

Robin said...

Love it!!

One of the many reasons I'm happy I sew. I've made a nubmer of great costumes for my kids over the years.

Robin said...

There will be a Victorian Ball for Homeschoolers here at the Fair Grounds in October. $20/family

Want more info? email me.

(Note: You can delete this comment it really doesn't need to be posted).. Blessings!!

Camille said...

How very WONDERFUL jackie!! I'm so happy for you. :) You look like a real *Southern* (or is it Confederate?) Belle. :)

It's amazing how much you and Stacie look alike (with your hair back it's more evident). Just thought I'd tell you I noticed. :)

Have a lovely evening.

Jill said...


It's beautiful! What a blessing for you. Looks lovely on you too!!
Have a great week.


Ellen said...

I love it!! So pretty! Everything goes so well together! Gotta love yard sales and the Lord's timing!


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