Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Homeschool Creation Science Class

Once a month, my friend, Billy, and I tag-team a Creation Science class for our local homeschool group. It is targeted for 1st graders to high schoolers. We typically have around 25 students, not including their parents. We have power point presentations, video clips, experiments and even skits! I've had great feedback from the kids and parents alike. In fact, we love having the parents join in because they are learning, too! For many beginning homeschoolers, this is the first time they've ever really researched the idea of Creationism. This is typical since our generation were almost all publicly educated and spoon-fed the evolution/old earth theories. 

Ever since going to Russ Miller's Creation Science seminars last spring, God has lit a fire under me concerning this subject. I thought I would start sharing all that I've learned with our homeschool group. When you are a homeschooler, you've got to decide what you believe in regards to Evolution, because you can't cop out with a "go ask your teacher" since you are the teacher! Homeschool families have to decide what they are going to teach because Evolution and Creationism are completely different things. Creationism is using science as evidence that we can take the bible literally and Evolution is where people use science to try and prove that the bible is a bunch of fairy tales. 

So many Christians don't think it really matters, but I ask you, why bother teaching your kids about the bible at all? If they believe that only part of the bible is true and they can pick and choose what to believe, then why believe the bible is true at all? The bible is either completely true, or it isn't. I believe without question it is the inspired Word of God. What are so many Christians teaching their children when they don't reconcile this? That we only adhere to part of the bible? That only parts of the bible are important enough to believe? That is a slippery slope, one that I slipped on myself as a teenager/college student. Praise God I hung on by a thread, and when challenged to research Creationism, I took the step of faith and looked at it with an open mind. What did I discover? The scientist in me saw the evidence pointing to a literal 6 day creation and a global flood. God's Word really was completely true, word for word and cover to cover! It gave me a confidence in Christ that I can't explain. I see that same confidence in my children and it is awesome!

My friend, Billy, giving the Power Point presentation. He is great with the kids and keeps their attention for a full 45 minutes of lecture time (even the 1st graders).

I have two homeschooled teenagers who love drama and do a skit for us every time. Here is "Dr. Lenslo" and "Dr. Page". I use the "Genesis For Kids - Science Experiments that show God's power in Creation". It is an awesome resource. That is where I get the skits, too. 

Billy made these awesome scales so we could use them in an experiment to determine that air has mass.

Billy and I explaining an experiment to the kids.

In this experiment the kids hit the ruler sticking out of the newspaper with a hammer. The paper never lifted and the ruler broke when it didn't slip out. I definitely would use old wooden rulers next time, because plastic rulers are too slick. It is amazing that the two sheets of newspaper didn't raise up when the hammer hit the end of the ruler. Our atmosphere definitely has some "weight" to it ;)

Some students are become fast friends and science buddies.

We did several experiments involving apple juice that were a big hit with the kids.

The teenagers are so helpful.

I passed out two different colors of straws to each partner, then I had them race to see how fast they could drink the apple juice. What they didn't know was that I had pricked holes near the bottom of one of the straws, so due to the "vacuum principle" the person without the holes in the straw automatically won. It was so funny when I had the losers inspect the ends of their straws carefully to see the holes ;)

Billy created a cloud in a bottle. It showed how air pressure effects the presence of clouds.
We created rain in this experiment.
I have so many more pictures but I had to pick and choose some of the best for these blog post. 

If you haven't checked out this article http://news.yahoo.com/whales-desert-fossil-bonanza-poses-mystery-135321328.html, you simply must. This may be a mystery to some scientists but to Creation scientists who believe in a global flood this mass grave of well-preserved fossilized whale bones found in a desert, makes perfect sense. The dates in this article are improvable, but this scientific evidence points to a global flood. The article seriously cracks me up. I truly think God is revealing these things on purpose as we get closer to Jesus coming back and a great revival is going to take place. I believe it is part of the "Every knee shall bow" plan spoken about in His Word. It is amazing how much evidence is coming out in very recent history regarding Creation Science. Secular scientists are having a hard time lining up this new evidence with their new theories. I can just picture God having a good chuckle over this article, too!

In His Truth,


Rachel and Family said...

GREAT post!!! We love experiments. I especially love what you said that if some of the Bible isn't true than why teach the Bible at all. Critical thinking at it's best :)))
Wish I could come to your class.

Sarah said...

BRILLIANT! Please can I come too? :)

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I wish all my blog friends could come to the class!

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Such an awesome thing to do. I just wish I could bring my kids!!!!

I am enjoying your boldness as you proclaim God's Truth in our society that does not want to see the Truth.

It is interesting watching the scientists scrambling to explain the "whales in the desert" LOL! I think it takes more faith to believe in their theories than it takes to believe in the God of the Bible.

OurLilFullFam said...

What a great idea! We love Creation Science too, a friend of mine is teaching a local class here using an Answers in Genesis guide.

We love the Creation Science DVD's from Dr Dino too, they are pretty good!


Anonymous said...

This is a great post. My children liked the book at keepersofthefaith.com- Life in the Great Ice Age($10.99). They also have a dinosaur book for about the same price that our children enjoyed. keepers has other Creation science books and DVDs we liked. We used Abeka science for home education(grades 1-10). I tried others through the years but we liked Abeka the best. We get answersingenesis's newsletter. They recently had an illustration of cartoon characters that teach evolution-Dora the Explorer, Sesame St.,Bob the Builder,etc. I won't buy those toys for our grandchildren. You are a blessing. I hope to visit the Creation Museum in Kentucky.- Taryn

Anonymous said...

We ordered Abeka's science(grades 4-9th) through Christian Liberty Press. What Darwin Didn't Know by Geoffrey Simmons,M.D. is an interesting book. Another interesting book is One Race,One Blood previously titled, Darwin's Plantation by Ken Ham and A. Charles Ware. -Taryn

Camille said...

How WONDERFUL Jackie! I am so impressed that you are doing these Science Classes from a Creationist standpoint....SO needed in this day and age!! And yes...it DOES make perfect sense! :)

Keep it up my friend!

stacy said...

Hi Jackie, I stumbled on your blog on Monday, looking for healthy whole wheat raspberry muffins. I googled that and got a link to you! What a blessing. My kids loved the muffins. I am trying to cut refined sugar from the majority of our diet - focusing on being totally sugar free Monday through Friday. I am looking forward to getting the chance to check out more of your recipes. I am heading out to a crafting party this morning and planning to bring the muffins.
I got on your blog this morning and another blessing! We are trying to start a once a month coop at our church and trying to think of things to teach. I am going to propose a creation science class next year. I was an Anthropology grad and evolutionist before I was saved at 23. I fully believe in Creationism now and love to discuss it with my kids. I never thought about teaching others, but looking at the kids being so interested in those pictures inspires me. I am looking forward to following your posts. Thanks for being faithful in sharing what God is doing in your life!
Stacy, in Eastern Washington


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