Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday Meanderings

I've been incredible busy this month what with family emergencies, husband being gone for a National Guard training, planning homeschool events and trying to keep up with homeschooling and housework. The housework has sadly been suffering, but I always save it for last because I truly believe that living my life, not making sure my house is spotless, is what God wants me to do. We all work together to keep the basics clean and that is good for me. I now have a friend who comes in once a month to do the showers or deep cleaning. What a blessing! Please tell me my kid isn't the only one who does this?!! I asked him to cook the bacon and I turn around and see him in his motorcycle helmet with face shield, LOL. What a crack up that kid is! Hey, I wish I would of thought of first, LOL.

The reason Josiah's face is so red is because he keeps messing with my camera settings. Apparently, I snapped this pic on the "vivid color" setting, LOL. He had to have his baby eye teeth pulled to make room for his adult teeth to come in. It was a good thing we did because his roots hadn't dissolved and one had even broken off from the pressure of his adult teeth trying to get through which was causing him discomfort. Luckily, he is a OSU "Beaver" fan so he was OK with looking like a Beaver for a few weeks. His other teeth immediately started dropping down as soon as the baby teeth were pulled. Yay!

A couple weekends ago we got to go to the Pendleton Round Up Hall of Fame museum with our homeschool group. They are standing in front of the famous bronc horse called "War Paint".

We had around 10 families join. If we go as a group, they have to charge us the same as any other school group, which often there is no charge. It is a very interesting museum full of rodeo history.

After we ate a sack lunch at the museum, we headed across the street to ice skate one last time for the season. My children had so much fun skating with their homeschool friends. My mom and step-dad joined us that day. Here is my mom with Hailey and her friend, Hannah. If you look behind them, some of the homeschool families brought stacks of five gallon buckets for little ones to slide around on the ice. I'm definitely going to try that next time with Hailey. Saves your back!

After ice skating, we said goodby to our homeschool friends and did a little geocaching with the our new/used GPS. We learned to geocache with some of our friends who were into it and now we can do it ourselves. There was a small cache just down from my mom's house. Here she is, holding it up. We had a lot of hit and misses and definitely need to practice a little as we figure out the GPS.  It is like treasure hunting with the family. Gets you outdoors walking and discovering new territory. Love it! 

My children received their cookie grams once again from Michael and I. I also used Valentines Day to give the kids another Jonathan Park (fun Creation-based audio adventures from Vision Forum) CD set and another Torchlighter DVD from Voice of the Martyrs called the Amy Carmichael story. They loved it and now want to adopt a girl from India. Now we just have to get Michael on board. Seriously praying about that! Maybe there is a reason why he hasn't blessed us with more children. My heart is growing for adoption, especially now that the kids are older. But I know I have to wait on my husband. In the meantime, I pray and try to help others who are adopting. If God wants us to adopt, He will make a way. Read this post about how Jesus helped people one at a time. It is awesome and very eye opening: Once we know about these things, we have a responsibility to do something about it. I'm praying about how God wants me to help the orphans in this world. Currently we are sponsoring a child in Rwanda and in India, but it just doesn't seem like enough. I know we could be doing more with the resources God has given us.

My friend, Catherine, from Cat's Tale Productions, is going on a mission trip to help women in the Philippines and is raising money by making the most adorable aprons and selling them. She has some on her blog for sale, but I had seen one in her kitchen that I loved because it had a hand towel sewn right into it. Beyond handy! I picked up 1.5 yards of cute fabric and sent it to her. She created this lovely apron for me. I was thrilled to be able to help her raise money AND get to wear this sweet apron. Thanks again, Catherine!

This has been a wonderful weekend of desperately needed relaxation. I'm realizing I need to start slowing down on my activities, especially with Michael being gone so much. I've got too much going on and it is time to rein it all in. Didn't realize it until I was trying to find a babysitter three times last week. That is too much! Praying for balance.

God Bless,


Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

praying that God will do his will in your life and that Michael will recieve the same call if it is God's will.

The apron is really cute! Love the colors.

Josiah cracks us up! The kids thought that picture of him in the helmet was great. He is one problem-solving kid!

Love you!

Lizzy said...

Your son is hilarious! I needed that whenever I cooked bacon at home with my parents (and long sleeves too lol).
Glad you were able to get some rest! I know what craziness can be like :/
Adorable apron!
Hope you guys have a good week!

Nezzy said...

Oh my gosh, I wish I'd thought of this too. What a brilliant little fella ya have there. I just might be diggin' out Hubs old motorcycle helmet as my newest kitchen gadget!!! Heeehehehe!!! Love it!

I'm so happy little fella got those eye teeth pulled. They didn't mine and my teeth were crooked as a country road. The DDS pulled my sis's and her teeth are beautiful. Woohoo!!!

Prayin' for ya'll that God will give you the desires of your heart sweetie.

God bless and have an amazin' day!!!

Patty said...

So much going on in your meanderings! I hope you find the balance your looking for. May the Lord bless you with his peace.

Camille said...

What a great post Jackie...about *real* life! I *love* it that your boy donned his helmet complete with visor to protect himself from the splattering bacon grease...too funny! LOL!

Your apron is adorable.

And hang in there with holding the fort the times when Michael is away...keep looking to the LORD to sustain you.

With Love,

The Cupp Family Farm said...

Your priorities are right where they should be! Don't worry too much about your house! I love the photo of your son frying bacon! Too funny!


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