Tuesday, October 16, 2012

60 and Still Livin' The Dream!

My Dad had a birthday not too long ago. I teased him that he is now half way to 120! We had a lovely time celebrating this old cowboy's birthday at the park. 

We had a lot of family show up, including my grandpa. Can you tell where I got the "talking with my hands gene"?

 Hailey was happy to get some attention from Papa.
I love this pic.

My niece, Jessica, and Josiah walking across the field towards the party after playing hard in the field. They are only four months apart and are good buddies. 

My step-mom, Diana, wrapped these mini chocolate bars with pictures of my Dad on his roping horse and his current favorite saying, "Livin' the Dream". They were a big hit! Very clever.

My SIL, Sonya, and brother, Jerry, outdid themselves with this full sheet German chocolate cake (Dad's favorite flavor). In addition to being a ranch manager, full-time cowboy and horse farrier, he also farms hay and loves his classic cars. This is his favorite car on this cake, a '69 SS Chevelle. Love the burn-out marks behind the wheels. My dad has been known to smoke his tires a time or two ;).

Me with my newest nephew, Elijah. What a cutie pie.

You never know what is going to happen when a bunch of buckaroos show up at birthday party. We had lots of good cowboy poetry flowin'. Now those are some boots!

More cowboy poetry. This one was about ropin' a bear.

Duane did a cowboy poem about a horse trader how gets what was coming to him. It wasn't coincidental that he was aiming his gaze at my 91 year old grandpa who happens to be a slick horse trader from way back, LOL. 

We topped off the fun afternoon with some dummy roping. I got try my hand at it again. It brought back a lot of memories of me and dad spending hours roping the calf and steer dummy. I didn't do too bad, either. Glad to know I hadn't lost my roping capabilities completely. Someday, this homestead wannabe is hoping to have occasion to use that skill again...

So happy 60th birthday to the best dad anyone could ever have! 


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Kim @ Homesteader's Heart said...

That is so incredibly cool. You got to love a room full of good ol' boys. Oh and that's my husbands favorite car too. He had one back when he was a teenager.
My dad just turned 80 and I can't believe how the time has flown by. Enjoy these years.
Have a lovely day.


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