Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Homeschool Sledding Party

Last weekend we had such a wonderful time sledding with our homeschool support group. The ride up and back was not so fun as Hailey is pretty scared about driving on ice/snow after our recent wreck. She is really scared of tipping over. It breaks my heart, but I'm praying for healing there. We were able to purchase a older truck this last weekend to replace our old one. Pictures soon, I hope!

It was 17 degrees at the summit, but nice and sunny. So wonderful after the inversion we've been having in our valley. We had a big fire to keep us all warm. We were up there for probably 3 hours.

One homeschool family brought this large inner tube. The kids had so much fun on it!

Josiah in his Russian rabbit fur hat. Speaking of Russians, the other day Josiah says to me in his best Russian accent, "Don't rush me Mother, for I am not a Russian!"

Josiah in the tube.

Josiah was pretending that this chunk of ice and frozen snow was a "snow bull", so he decided to ride it. "Let 'r Buck!" 

Getting warm and roasting hot dogs and marshmallows.

The only sad thing was that the Nutella we were using for s'mores froze. The advantage is that it broke off in big chunks so you got more that way ;o) 

Last shot of Hailey riding an inner tube with her friends Reese and Briella. They were so cute! At the end of the day, Hailey got brave and hiked clear to the top of the hill all by herself and slid down it so fast, she looked like grass through a goose. She was laughing when she got to the bottom. Maybe our little thrill-seeker is back ;o) 

God Bless,


skeeteror said...

These pics remind me of inner-tubing down the wheatfield when you and Stacie were about 4. I rode on my stomach on the big innertube with one of you under each arm and was so afraid I'd lose one of you and you would skid face down on the frozen snow. We were going so fast! You both seemed to love it, though!Love those memories! ~Bev~

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Tina and I were talking about that on FB. So much fun!!!!

RaD said...

Sledding is one of the few things I miss about the snow. That and the calm beauty of it. Ya know, when the wind is not blowing and you have somewhere to be on the cold and icy roads. Anyway, it's one thing I hope to be able to do with the kids before they get too much older.

We've been to the snow once and only lasted a small amount of time. It was probably for the best because on our way down the mountain we were hit with a snowstrom and the defroster on the truck couldn't keep up. Needless to say fogged up windows on an unknown road that's covered with snow did not make a good combo and we were praying for safety the whole way down!

Jenn said...

So much fun!!!

aimee said...

Hi, Jackie
I empathize with your daughter because of an incident we had years ago. I will be remembering her this eve in my prayers that God will give her peace in this matter.
Your sledding party looks like fun--I love how kids have such great imaginations and that shot of your daughter is simply beautiful!
PS: We had an inversion layer for weeks...I hated it:(

Regine Karpel said...

Great photos!

Camille said...

Very FUN times!! Too funny that the Nutella froze...I never thought to use it for S'Mores...that would be yummy!!! What a blessing that you were able to get yourselves a *new to you* truck! :)



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