Monday, March 4, 2013

My Treasure Chest

The other day, the kids were in my closet and found my treasure chest hidden away. They begged me to open it and let them see what was inside. It is were I keep all my treasures from childhood. I haven't looked at it in years. My twin sister just laughed when I Skyped her and showed her all the things I had kept. She didn't get the sentimental genes. It brought back a lot of memories for both of us, because we typically got the same toys and stuff as gifts from people since we are twins. I found my baby silverware set, our baby moccasins, high school dance pictures, and even some of Michael's childhood mementos, like a kid's cowboy shirt they bought in Mexico right before Michael's dad passed away. I think it will just fit Josiah now. The funnest treasure of all was my diary I kept during middle school. Oh, the drama!
Here is Josiah in Michael's shirt and wearing his belt buckle. It fits him perfectly. 

I had kept all my graduation hats and honor cords from high school and the two colleges I attended. I found Michael's, too. Hailey is wearing my mother's high school graduation dress that my grandmother made her. See previous post for the photo shoot of her in it.

My grandmother and aunt made my sister and I each one of these prairie girl dolls since they new what huge fans we were of the Little House book series.  They made these dresses out of the leftover material from the flower girl dresses we wore at my aunt's wedding. They even knitted shawls for them. I decided to let Hailey enjoy her since she is very careful with her dolls. The love and details put into this doll mean so much to me.

This shawl was bought in Mexico and given to me by my mother's father whom we affectionately called "Grandpa Puffball". I was about her age when he gave it to me. This is considered vintage now, LOL. I let Hailey add it to her dress up box.
I asked my mom what the story was behind "Grandpa Puffball's" name and here is what she wrote me:

You called Grandpa George Simpson “Grampa Puffball” because I got up one morning and he was out in the corral with a coffee can picking puffball mushrooms.  I didn’t know they were excellent eating and had taught you girls that they were “Icky!  Poison!  Don’t touch!” so we would always stomp on them.  He kept saying, “You’ve got a gold mine here!  Look at all these!”   That night they cooked them and I was afraid to eat any.  When they didn’t die, I found out they are one of the more ‘sure things’ to identify in the mushroom world.  You girls asked why Grandpa was picking poison mushrooms and were afraid he and Grandma Helen would die that night.  After that visit, one of you called him, “the grandpa that picked the puffballs” because you couldn’t remember his name.  So we just started calling him Grandpa Puffball to differentiate him from your other grandpas!
Love you!

Thought I'd put that story in here for posterity's sake :o)
I had completely forgotten about this jewelry box my "Aunt Gabby" made for me. She had made and hand-painted it. I have every single one of the ornaments she made for me when I was a kid. They are very special and always go on the tree. This went on Hailey's shelf with some earrings that were given to her by her Grandma Kay when we decide to let her get her ears pierced someday.

This has nothing what so ever to do with the treasure box, but I had to throw it in there. We were watching a wonderful documentary called, "When We Left Earth", about the space program. Josiah made this rocket and boosters with fuel cell. I think my favorite part is the launch pad made of hot-glued Jenga blocks, complete with an elevator. I was frankly astounded at how he came up with this.

What about you guys. Did you keep a treasure box full of childhood mementos? If so, please share what you kept and why. I'm very sentimental, and will enjoy your stories very much.

God Bless,


skeeteror said...

Loved your little trip down Memory Lane! Tina also has an "Aunt Gabby" Christmas ornament. Jeff lost his, as well as all his Christmas ornaments we had collected for him over the years. He took them for his first tree during his last year of college, and when he finished college, he forgot to retrieve the box of them from their cubbyhole in the basement of the house he and some friends had rented.

You really should explain how your grandpa got his "Grandpa Puffball" name! LOL! I remember how it happened! LOL! ~Bev~

aimee said...

Definitely treasures Jackie! I can understand just why you kept these items...
I am sure I have childhood treasures...a teddy bear that is over 50 years, a tweety bird vest fron high school, etc. Unfortunately, these and other treasures are buried somewhere in my house right now and I forgot to make myself a treasure map :-)
Blessings, Aimee

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

That motivated me to ask Mom what the story was behind Grandpa Puffball's name, because I couldn't remember. I just put it in the post. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I'm so glad I've got that story recorded so I don't forget again :) That is so cool that Tina has an Aunt Gabby ornament, too!

I still have my teddy bear, too. I also have my husband's. They are a little worse for wear, but the kids love them still.

Camille said...

How FUN Jackie! What a treat for your kids to go through that box with you. I kept my grad dress and Emma wears it for dress-up now. I have yearbooks from my school years and photo albums containing photos from the cameras I had from the age of 12 on. Interesting, isn't it, what we find from our childhood days, don't you think? I also wrote out all my favourite recipes from my growing up years...I bet you can relate to that! :)

Love to you!

Pepper said...

What a great thing to be able to share with your children! Maybe you can get them their own boxes for their birthdays or Christmas. It's never to early to start saving precious items. I sure wish I had saved more. The other thing I have done is make a 'memory book'. Take out a notebook and just start jotting childhood memories down now, before they are lost.

Lisa Henson said...

Love it! I have an old patch quilt that my grandmother made for me when I was born. I have my Cabbage Patch doll and a Strawberry Shortcake doll. I had my first Christmas ornaments, but they were so fragile and I dropped the box and shattered them. My girls love when I pull my "old" things out and talk about them.


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