Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sleeping Beauty - Hailey's First Recital

My sweet friend, Molly took this wonderful picture of the girls in Hailey's "Creative Movement" class. I love this class because they get to do a little ballet, tap and tumbling. Hailey had her first recital about a week ago. As usual, I watch these things with bated breath, because my children are SO precocious and DON'T have a shy bone in their bodies. Can't you just see it in this photo? Everyone is smiling when they were supposed to repeat the word "fairies". Apparently Hailey got the "inability to talk without using your hands gene" like her mom. I love it though (most of the time). However, when I kept seeing my daughter sneak onto the edge of the stage and attempt to join the professional ballerina they hired for this wonderful "Sleeping Beauty" production, I must admit I was slumping in my seat, beet red. Hey, at least the grandparents were there to suffer (and laugh) with me : o)

I didn't get many pictures of the actual recital because the lighting was really bad, so I took my camera along when they did a dress rehearsal for a local nursing home. Here are a few pics from that performance.
The little fairies are bringing their gifts to Sleeping Beauty. Hailey was SOOO excited to get to wear make up.

Tap dancing through the forest, collecting flowers.

Hailey doing her tap number.

Cutest forest bunny ever!

I took this pic at the recital, it isn't very good, but now you can see what I was talking about earlier. Hailey wouldn't rest until she spotted us in the audience, which meant she was putting her hands over eyes to block out the spotlights. Then she kept waving! She was quite the ham and had the entire audience laughing at the end of her first dance. They basically had to herd her off the stage when she wouldn't quit bowing to the audience. 
A sweet friend of mine saved me from being the bad mom. I had no idea you were supposed to get roses for your recital participant. Lishi was kind enough to give me some of hers. Hailey was thrilled!
You can clearly see her first two missing bottom teeth. My baby is growing up. Can't believe she is almost six already. It sure goes fast!

God Bless,


RaD said...

Bethany did a similar class when she was four. Unfortunately we didn't like her teacher too much who didn't have much patience for all her energy. Nevertheless, she had a great time and enjoyed wearing make up too! She didn't ask to go back though until just a few months ago, I think she knew more than she let on about her teacher.

Hailey sounds like she had a blast. I hope you were able to record or purchase a dvd of it!

Oh and I love that first picture. Don't be embarrassed Mom! Embrace the fact that she is not shy and go with it... says the mom who has been right there with you and has done her share of hiding! :)

aimee said...

Hailey is SO adorable Jackie, and I love that her personality shines through in photos (I think it does for both of your kids)! I love watching dancing--especially ballet, square and folk dancing:)

Kim @ Homesteader's Heart said... great is that and I LOVE the first picture. She is definitely her own person. Ha! Ha! Ha!
I bet it was fun for you to watch as well. But if you're like me, it's almost as if you're up there because you're stressing out for them, not wanting them to mess up etc. Or maybe that's just me. LOL!
Have a great day.

Jenn said...

Oh Jackie, how sweet! Love all the photos of Hailey!

Anonymous said...

wow! she has makeup on. that's cool.

-Love Jessica

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

She is lovely, Jackie. this so up her alley!


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