Thursday, August 15, 2013

Winners Circle - Fair to 5K

Josiah did it again! He made an angel food cake from scratch and I almost didn't let him enter it into the fair since I didn't think it was fluffy enough. To our utter amazement, it ended up with first place, best in class and he got the Jr. Division Cooking Championship for the second year in a row. It tasted great! Josiah also received first place on his bread, cookies, hand-tanned hide, homemade candle, quilted place mats and herbs. He made a total of $47 dollars. 
Josiah also won first place on this portrait he took of Hailey and I a few years ago.  

Hailey won $16 in first place ribbons. She got champion ribbons on her "Impressionist Painting" where she mixed the colors herself, and on her homemade egg noodles. She also won 1st place on her bear track paper quilt block, paper woven place mat, homemade candle, herbs and mammoth sugar melting pea pods. 

Josiah was finally able to enter the Lego competition. They give you a couple hours to build something with their Legos. Josiah came up with the Black Gate complete with the "Evil Eye" from "Return of the King". He got first place and was thrilled.

"Nesting Places"
I entered some pictures and got first place on all of these except the last one. I got second on the black and white with the pink tea cup. I made $32 in first place ribbons. I'm saving it for the upcoming Celtic Festival.

"Reflections at The Wall"



"Teasel and Milk Can"

"Afternoon Tea"
Right after the fair, I decided to sign up our whole family up for a local race. I  ran the 5K and Michael ran with the kids in the 1 Mile race. Josiah hated it, but Hailey said she would do it again.

Huffin' and puffin to the finish line. I was so happy I beat my time last year by 3 seconds. My time was 29:59. I was very happy to get under 30 minutes. Was shocked when I learned I received 1st place for my age group. When my step-mom called me to tell me I thought she was kidding around with me. It pays to get older I guess, LOL. Less people to compete with ;o) I had such a fun time running with my friend, Stephanie.

Michael got 3rd place in the 1 Mile race for his age class. Of course he could have done much better but I was very proud of him for running with Hailey. She loved running with her daddy and wants to do it again next year. As for me, I'm still paying for that 5k, LOL.

Hope you are all having a great summer and having fun at your local county fairs! Next big event is the La Grande Celtic Festival coming up Aug 24th and 25th. We can't wait to don our tartan! 

God Bless,


Becky L. said...

Congratualtions to Josiah on his cake that's great! All of you won ribbons, cool. I put 3 pieces of photography in an art show last week and wound up with one honorable mention. Judging was weird, alot of things that were real nice got's subjective and depends on the judge. Sigh! i'm enjoying them anyway. Good for you to run a 5K. I don't like to run, but I walk and have been walking faster to burn calories!

aimee said...

This is SO neat Jackie! Congratulations to all of you on your awards--such a great opportunity for the kids:)
Love the photos -- so happy to see you entered the milk can one!
Have a lot of fun at the Celtic Fair--so wish I could be there!
PS: That is a beautiful photo of you with Hailey--how is she doing with gravel mountain roads now?

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Thank you for asking about Hailey. She was having a hard time on my sis' gravel driveway that has kind of a drop off on one side just a couple of days ago. I guess she is still not over it :(

Hope you can make it to the festival one of these years. It would be awesome to meet you in person :)

RaD said...

Congrats on all the first place ribbons! I especially like the one of Hailey in sepia.

Did you remind Josiah that when he becomes a soldier, a mile will be nothing? ;0)

Congrats too on the 5k. I think I would die. Kidding, but I prefer to ride a bike.

aimee said...

Thanks for the update Jackie. I know these things take time. I had a hard time getting over a couple travel incidents that truly frightened me...I am better now, but certain areas can still trigger the fear. Because of this, I truly understand what Hailey is experiencing.

I will again include her in my prayers about this. I know God is able, and indeed wants to, deliver her from this fear! I have come a long, long way through prayer and help from a friend and my DH.

Would love to meet you all in person too! You and your sister are awesome women of God:)


Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Thank you so much for your continued prayers, Aimee. Someday I want to take a trip to the "other side" of Oregon with Stacie and meet up with you and Becky. You guys are both wonderful Titus 2 women :)

Camille said...

Congratulations on your ribbons. You are all talented in a variety of ways. I liked the painting your little Hailey did...and you've got quite the baker on your hands with your Josiah. What a blessing to be able to do these things together. Love to you! Camille

RaD said...

Hey again! In response to your comment on my post, yes, Wallowa Lake is cold, but it's better down by the Marina than at the mouth of the river. It's really COLD down by the mouth of the river.

Did you scroll down to the post before it? We visited the Wallowa Lake overlook that morning and I got a couple of great shots of the kids with the lake in the background.

BTW... I must have missed it the first time. Haley really painted that herself? That's really good!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Those are great shots on the mountain. Good job! And yes, Hailey mixed all the colors herself and then painted it onto a basic traced outline of the painting. I was surprised at how close she got to the original painting's colors.

Jenn Bowers said...

Look at all those awards! Great job on your photography! I love your pondering shot!!! And WOW! You did great on your 5K.


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