Wednesday, October 9, 2013

"Happy, Happy, Happy" Birthday, Josiah!

Because things have been so crazy around here lately (with us not knowing when we were going to move), we decided to do a low-key birthday party for Josiah with just a couple of his friends. He loves all things "Duck Dynasty", so many of his gifts were DD stuff. Michael found an Army uniform for him at a PX and made sure his name tape was on it. Josiah was thrilled!

Thank goodness this small town boy is about to move into the country! Does he look ready for it or what? Yesterday we accepted an offer on our house and we are moving! We are putting an offer in on a little 3 acre homestead and hope it gets accepted. By the end of next month, we may finally be living our family dream! Please pray for us that all will go smoothly.

Instead of a party, I took the kids to this really fun local recreational center. Josiah was allowed to invite two friends. We got things rolling with some arcade games. Josiah used his dad's hunting gear to play this deer hunt game and laser tag later. What can I say, he's a unique kid.
I was going to make it a "boys only" party, but Josiah insisted that Hailey be there, too. She was delighted to be included. She saved up her money and bought Josiah an "Uncle Si" tea glass. She also bought herself a pink one.
We got Josiah a rock tumbler. He really enjoyed this.
One of his friends got him this Harley D. jacket. Very nice!
We got Josiah these DD plates. I love Hailey hiding behind the tea glass, LOL.
Laser tag, oh yeah, baby! I got to play this last summer and it was so fun. It is all in the dark and under black lights, so the pics didn't turn out great. Josiah was trying to hide his white skin so that he wouldn't glow under the black lights, LOL. Poor kid!
Mitch and Josiah going toe to toe.
Where is he?
Jacob was a first timer and beat everybody. So proud of him!
Hailey was right in there with the boys, having a ball.
After laser tag, we went upstairs to play some challenging miniature golf. It has an "Old West" theme.  I call this picture, "Hailey and the Boys". Sounds like a 80's country band.
We finished up at a local frozen yogurt shop. Josiah chose to go here instead of getting a cake. We are singing "Happy Birthday" to him in this pic.
I had to throw in this last pic of Josiah with his new cameo sporran that he got from our friends, Billy and Kay. Josiah loved it and can't wait to wear it with his kilt the next chance he gets. Unique to say the least.

Dear Josiah,
I can't believe you are already 10 years old! Times flies when you're busy and having fun. We are excited to see you taking on the responsibility of caring for your very own dog.  We look forward to watching you increase that responsibility when we move to our homestead where you will have even more animals to take care of. Even though we butt heads sometimes, we know how to laugh together and get through those rough patches as your dad and I strive to teach you the ways of the Lord. Your heart for Him continues to grow. Your understanding of His paths continue to widen. It is an exciting thing to watch as a parent and I pray you will always continue on that path, never looking to the right or the left, but keeping your eyes on Jesus, knowing you will be blessed indeed if you put Him first in your life. This will be a year of huge changes for you - some will be wonderful, some will be hard. Of this I'm sure - we will get through it together and come out even stronger as a family unit. 

We love you beyond words, dear son,
Your Loving Mama


Camille said...

Precious post! Happiest of Birthdays to your Josiah! Half way to twenty. (I know, not what you wanted to hear my friend...but, there you have it!) What a blessing to know that the Lord has brought you buyers for your home and provided another for you along the lines of your dreams. What a blessing! Praying that it all goes smoothly. Love, Camille

aimee said...

What a great young man you are raising to manhood Jackie! I LOVE that he wanted to include his little sis (how sweet).
SO excited about the possibility of God making the 'desires of your heart' come true!
Wishing your son many, many God-given blessings in this next year!

RaD said...

Oh my! My husband and children would love those Duck Dynasty plates and even the cup! Elisha wants to be Uncle Si for Halloween.

Josiah sounds like my kiddos, they would have wanted to include each other too.

Happy birthday Josiah! Sounds like you had a memorable one!

Patty said...

Happy Birthday to Josiah! How sweet that he insisted his sister be at the party ~ what brotherly love. I pray all goes well with the property offer and your dreams are realized soon. Have a great day.

Jenn Bowers said...

So happy for the sale of your house! And loved all the photos of Josiah! He is growing up that is for sure!


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