Monday, November 11, 2013

2013 Fall Family Photos/On the Move/Blogging Break

My friend, Dorene (a fellow "homie"), and I agreed to take each other's family pics and then we would do the edits on them ourselves. It was really fun! Dorene did a great job and I hope she is just as happy with the pics I took of her family. I thought I'd share her pics with you here. She found the most fabulous location on a local ranch that made for an ideal setting for pictures. 
We even got Champ in one of the pictures.

 The kids loved throwing rocks in the creek. It was hard to keep them clean for the pics, LOL.
 Love this one.
 Dorene found that the secret to getting husbands who hate their picture taken is to get them kissing their wives. Then they become really smiley for the rest of the pics! I think she's on to something here.
 Josiah is starting to move out of the the little boy stage as he fast approaches the teenage years. Time, please slow down!
See, I told you the kissing worked! 
 This is my absolute favorite pic. The chairs and the quilt were my Grandpa's who recently passed away. Dorene had Josiah wear Michael's hat and me hold Michael's dog tags in my hand as I kissed him. The perfect patriotic pic, I think.
 I took these school pics of the kids. Josiah wanted Champ in the pic, too, since Champ has to endure Josiah homeschooling until recess when they can play together. Josiah is 10 years old this year and in 4th Grade.
 I took these pics by the beautiful peach tree in our yard. Hailey is 6 years old and in 1st Grade this year.
Of course I had to take one pic of them together - best buds. They have their moments, but they sure do love each other. We are having a good school year so far and have really got a lot accomplished. We will be taking a little break while we move. Last night was our last night of being in this house. The kids are starting to realize they are leaving the only home they've ever known and are getting a little sad. However, they are looking forward to living out our homestead dream, so they have a lot to look forward to.

I will be taking a blogging break until we are set up in our new place. Thanks to all of you for your prayers. I do appreciate them! God has protected us so far as it is not snowing this weekend on the pass, making our travel much easier.

Hope you all have a wonderful Veterans Day and make honoring our veterans a priority. They deserve it!

God Bless,


Camille said...

Precious Friend...this is a lovely post. Love all the photos...wonderfully captured family moments! What a blessing you were able to do a trade with your friend...great idea. :) May the Lord bless you richly as you begin in a new location. He goes before you and with you...keep your eyes fixed on Him. I am praying for a smooth transition. Happy blogging break! XO

Nadine said...

Great family photos!
I still need to have our oldest daughter, Sarah, take ours for this year!


Becky L. said...

I enjoy all the family photos. Thanks for sharing. Your children are precious and growing up too fast, don't they always do that? I like the patriotic photo as well. Will keep you in my prayers for your move. Looking forward to updates. We helped our son and his wife move on Fri. and daughter watched the kids yesterday afternoon. Lots to do when you move in less than a week...but it's done and now they can find places for their belongings. God bless and hugs to Michael for his military service!

aimee said...

Some great family photos and in a beautiful setting too--one that fits your family well I think! One of my favs would be the patriotic one it!
PS: Praise God on the no snow last weekend!

Lori said...

Wonderful pics. Thanks for sharing them with us.

Lainey Miller said...


thank you for sharing all this on your lovely blog. I liked it so much I've featured it on my own blog today! Looking forward to reading more,


Jill said...

These pictures are amazing! I love how they turned out! I'm behind on blog reading I didn't know you were moving. I wish you and your family all the very best!! Can't wait to see your post and new home when you are settled in. Have a wonderful holiday season if you don't post before then.


Jenn Bowers said...

Beautiful! What an amazing setting for family photos! And you all are so photogenic!


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