Sunday, March 9, 2014

February 2014 Highlights

Jeekers, seems like I'm turning into a once a month blogger. Just too busy living this awesome life God has blessed us with. Between homeschooling and getting this homestead put together, life is very full. It has been such a blessing to be near my parents. My mom is a super fun grandma as you can see. 

"Yes, my mama wears Army boots!"

My hubby celebrated his 41st birthday this month. It was drill weekend, but he managed to get home just before the kids got to bed so we could have a little party for him. Love my soldier! 

 We are getting to know a few homeschool families in our new community. My new friend, Jeni, and I decided to teach our Creation Science class together. We're using the "Considering God's Creation" curriculum and I'm really liking it. Perfect for a wide age group. We happened to be studying flowers on Valentine's Day.
"Flower Detectives"

We also got together with a couple of homeschool families and had a Valentine's Day party. The kids had a great time cutting out and decorating semi-healthy sugar cookies and exchanging Valentine's Day cards.

My kids spent days decorating. They were very excited!

Those healthy whole wheat sugar cookies made with sucanat were then topped with loads of icing and sprinkles. Hey at least they were halfway healthy, right, LOL!?!

My sister and her 6 kids came to visit that evening and stayed the weekend. Hailey and Lily always love to dress up and dance. They are just like Stacie and I were when we were little girls. Always love spending time with my sis.

The boys were in "warrior mode" most of the time. Lots of room to run around on our new homestead!

Hailey lost both front teeth, finally. It is so cute listening to her speak and try to eat spaghetti noodles.

We were able to start having our shop built in February! Michael is beyond excited about this.

I was blessed to be able to get a Dyson vacuum cleaner for a great deal. It works really good on this old carpet and I feel like things are finally getting clean. 

Our friend and contractor who is building the shop is a real "Jeremiah Johnson" type. He's been running a trap line on our local river where the beaver population is decimating the trees and causing a lot of damage. In addition to tanning the hides, Daniel has been giving us beaver meat. I was very leery of eating some, despite the fact that beavers are vegetarians. I must say though, that it was some of the most amazing meat I've ever eaten. Very mild in flavor and tender. Yum! 

Well that is about it for the month of Feb. We are in full steam now that March is here. Planting fruit trees, roses,  and getting my little greenhouse in order. So much to do! Hope it is starting to warm up wherever you all are.

God Bless,


Becky L. said...

Thanks for the update. Of course the kids are just growing and love Hailey's toothless grin! Excited that the shop is shaping up for Michael. Beaver meat, interesting! Why not! Spring is starting to show itself in flowering trees and daffodils and a few tulips coming up! Friday was so nice and warm and then it's been raining since then. That's Oregon but I'm not complaining! We need the rain! Take care and have a great week.

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

I still don't think you could get me to eat beaver. You are sooooo brave! What a quick Feb it was, wasn't it? Where did it go???

Can't wait to spend some time with you in a few weeks :)

aimee said...

Great photos Jackie! It is fun seeing your place become more YOUR place with each post/update, but don't ever worry about how often you post! Wishing your husband Michael a very happy (belated) birthday! Wow! Beavers up close are quite large aren't they? But I now am curious--just what does beaver meat taste like? Is it like veal or venison? (and yes, I would try it--LOL)
Blessings, Aimee

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I thought it tasted a lot like tender pork :)

Camille said...

Wow...beaver meat? You are one brave gal. :) And, that photo of your Hailey along with Lily all dressed up was too cute! Yippee for fun times with new friends and great resources to teach our children with. Happy belated birthday to your Michael...Howie's birthday is in February as well. You are a few years behind us, though. :) Happy Spring (almost) to you. Love, Camille


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