Thursday, May 21, 2015

Mother's Day "Mystery Baby" Revealed!

Introducing Rina Grace! She was 7 lbs, 6 oz, 20 inches long and drum roll......... SHE IS NOT A REDHEAD! So far it looks as though she does have some red highlights in her brown hair, but her coloring is different from Josiah and Hailey. I think this girl might be able to tan, like her mamma. As you can see by the following pictures, we are all simply in love with this little bundle of joy. Her name, "Rina"  (pronounced like "Tina" only with an "R"), means "Joyful Song" in Hebrew. She was worth the two weeks of pre-labor contractions leading up to her birth. After 7 years of infertility, I can hardly believe I have another daughter, even now a week and half after having her.

  I'm cherishing all the snuggle time that a newborn affords. Clinging to every minute. Probably spoiling her rotten in the process, but I can't help it, and frankly, I don't care if I am. My neck and back hurt because I can't stop looking down at her. She sleeps on my chest often. No, I'm not getting much done, but that is OK. This season goes so fast!
 Good thing I have such great helpers! Josiah and Hailey absolutely love their baby sister and are so helpful, as I knew they would be. Despite Josiah's initial disappointment over not getting a brother, he soon fell in love with the cuteness that is Rina, and holds her every chance he gets.
 Hailey can't wait for Rina to get big enough to sleep in her room in the crib. She even likes to help change diapers. The hardest part is to get the kids to leave her alone when Rina is napping. They always want to touch her or give her a kiss or something. They can't get enough of their little sis!
 Rina was just a few hours old in this picture. She is so much bigger than my other other, too, and has the cute chunky cheeks to prove it.
 Michael explaining the umbilical cord to Hailey.
 I love this pic of Michael and Rina.
 All the grandparents were able to make it up within 24 hours to see Rina. Mom was there with me through the birth. It was a difficult birth. I was really glad I was in the hospital. I was having extremely painful contractions and feeling myself having to push when I was only dilated to 3 cm. They had to give me an epidural to get me to relax enough to be able to let my cervix dilate all the way. When I stopped having contractions, they gave me medicine to get them going again, and I was finally able to get to a 10 cm. I've never been so happy to see the anesthesiologist in my life. I think I might have promised him my left kidney as a thank you, should he ever need it ;)
 Michael's folks made it up later that day and spelled my folks from watching our older two. It was nice having so much help!
 Dad, Diana and my SIL, Sonya, bombed into town to see Rina that night. I received Dad's official approval ;)
 My dad holding Rina's hand. When she gets older, he'll tease her with his stump just like he does with all his grandkids, saying things like "If you pick your nose, this is what will happen to you", and things like that.
 Nana holding Rina. I'm so glad they were able to come up even though it was a really long drive for them.
 My SIL, Sonya, was also able to come up with them. It was great to see her!
 Larry Pop was a gem when it came to watching the kids at midnight when my water broke on Mother's Day. He also has been super helpful taking my older kids to the homeschool sports program for me last week and this week. So appreciated!
 Lovin' on Rina the day we got home from the hospital.
 The definition of "Precious"!
Aunt Stacie had to wait 5 days before she got to see Rina. She spent last weekend with me while Michael was at drill. She and all her kids and my kids helped clean the house, make meals and mow the lawn, and of course... held Rina. 
 Stacie, with my niece, Jessica, and nephew, Marcus, getting to know Rina.
 Stacie was amazed at how long Rina could hold up her head. She was lifting her head a few hours after she was born. I guess all that exercise in the womb paid off! Love those bright eyes.
Rina is very responsive and is already smiling and starting to coo a bit, even when she is awake. She and I are getting lots of snuggle time in between feedings. I adore this little girl! Can't get enough of her. She truly is my joyful song! She loves it when I sing to her. Despite our doubts of having a child in our 40s, we can't imagine life without her now. I feel so blessed that God would chose our family to love and raise this precious daughter for His glory. 

As I have said to all my children (inserting their own name), "There is only one Rina, and we got her!"

God Bless,


Camille said...

SO precious!!!! How wonderful!!!! Welcome to the world, Rina. XOXO

magnoliasntea said...

Oh, how precious! She truly is a little beauty, and she must be really strong to hold up her head so soon. I can't imagine a better family for her, either. Would that every child had a loving family as yours is. Thank you for sharing the pictures, I enjoyed them so much.
The Lord Bless you all. :)

Jill said...

Congratulations! She is absolutely beautiful!! So happy to hear everything went well and you are feeling good also! Love all the pictures! Blessings to your family! Hugs!


Kim @ Homesteader's Heart said...

Oh that's awesome!! Congratulations. I actually became a grandmother about 2 months ago. We are really excited about that. Thanks for stopping by the blog. It has been awhile since I've blogged. I'm just in a slump I guess. It was nice hearing from you though. *smile*
Have a great day and kiss that baby for me!

Life in the Midwest said...

Such a precious post!! Congratulations!!! Babies are so sweet, and Rina looks like such a doll! =)

Becky L. said...

Congratulations on your baby girl Rina!! So thankful all is well with mom and baby and she is adorable! I was excited to read your note when you commented on my blog! Of course I had to come right over and see the cute mystery baby! Thanks for sharing!!!

Anonymous said...

Saw your comment on Becky's blog and just had to come over to see your new little one. What a cutie!
LOVE the photos of all of your family with her:) May God richly bless her (and all of you)!

Justine said...

So so so beautiful! Congratulations! By the way one of my very close friends had a baby and she swore she was a brunette but about a month and a half later after her baby fuzz fell out she started growing red hair so dont give up on the redhead just yet ;-) She seriously is gorgeous!

M├Ągi said...

Oh goodness. I can't... even... that human! That little precious human! Congratulations! Jubilation! I am so, so, so elated for you. I wasn't expecting to see that wee babe when I logged on this morning and dear, sweet Rina was already touched my life by making me grin when I was feel nauseous and crummy. Thanks Rina! Oh man, this is wonderful! :D

Jeannine said...

Congratulations on your new little blessing! Children are a gift from God! I can tell your family is excited!

Beloved's Redheaded Bride said...

Congratulations. She is precious! Thanks for letting me peak into your blog. So sweet.

Nadine said...

Congratulations...she is beautiful!!!

Katy said...

Congratulations! What a blessing babies are!

Love that you have redheads in the husband is a redhead and wouldn't you know, not *one* of my children has red hair!? Maybe my grandchildren will!

Enjoy those wee ones of yours. They grow much-too-fast!



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