Thursday, October 29, 2015

Homestead Happenings - Sept 2015

September was a busy month between family birthdays galore, the Pendleton Round Up, our first honey harvest and homeschooling. I'll start with Rina's first Pendleton Round Up. Her boots and hat were a little big for her, but she rocked them nevertheless. We were blessed to have my inlaws come visit during that time. They were a big help with the kids as Michael had drill that weekend. 

 Most interesting Westward Ho Parade entry for this year, in my opinion.
 The kids each got new cowboy boots and then they got to ride the mechanical bull. What can I say, it's tradition ;)

 Had our first frost September 4th, so started building some fires every now and then. Take a good look at this carpet, cause it is going away soon. Can you hear the angel choir? Yes, much rejoicing around here! Can't wait to get rid of this 40 year old, nasty carpet!

 Josiah turned twelve and decided to have a WWII themed party. He basically planned the whole thing by himself and even made the cake. He and his friends had a great time as Michael put them through their paces, and made an obstacle course for them.
 We have a lot of camo around here, so their was plenty to go around. Even had a Russian hat and helmet.
 They spun each other around in the office chair and then had to walk over a thin wooden plank.
 They carried ammo cans around the "military vehicle".
 What's an obstacle course without push ups?
 They all had to try to climb the rope.
 Sit ups time! Only thing missing is a cup of coffee in Michael's hand. I think he enjoyed his role a little too much, LOL ;)
 Grandma Kricket was "Rosie Riveter".
 Water balloon grenade toss and then waterballoon fight to wrap up the games.

 I let Josiah make and decorate his cake. I tried my hand at making a yellow cake with homemade key-lime filling and cream cheese frosting for the adults. It was delicious!
 Josiah got a nice, light-weight sleeping bag for future Boy Scout campouts. He has slept in it every night since.
My mom, aka "Rosie Riveter", got some Rina snuggles at the party. A fun time was had by all. We had 1940's music going the whole time, for added ambiance. It is nice to see Josiah making good friends in our new homeschool group. An awesome group of friends he has too, many of which he sees weekly at his homeschool Latin class.

I'm going to try to get to October soon. We've been super busy with the Prairie Primer homeschool unit study, but we've been having a great time and learning a lot. So worth the extra effort! Hoping to get caught up on reading some of your blogs soon.

God Bless,


Camille said...

I have been enjoying these month-at-a-glance posts my friend. They are a great idea to help you remember everything by. What a sweet little peanut your Rina is!! Josiah's birthday party looked to be a huge success. Our boys always enjoyed parties like that. Ah...yes, the removal and replacement of yucky carpet! That rings a bell with me. I do hope it's not glued down like ours was in places. :( Your fire looks cosy. Hugs to you! Love, Camille

magnoliasntea said...

Great post, what fun times y'all had in September. Rina is adorable in her boots and hat, of course. Love the parade pics, those longhorn riders are really cool. Love the birthday party, too. That has to be the best party ever for a boy. Great planning and great job on the cake, also.
Our heat has been on, too, but I'm ready for cooler weather.
Have a great weekend!

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Mom looks awesome! Fun! Wish we could have been there

Becky L. said...

You all are having way too much fun...parade and a birthday! Rina is getting big and so adorable along with her siblings. It's fun to watch them grow up! Hop over to my blog for a giveaway by tomorrow if you are interested. Have a great week!


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