Monday, November 28, 2016

Camp Rilea Family Vacation - Beach/Civil War Reenactment (Labor Day Weekend 2016)

Rina was awestruck when she saw the beach for the first time. I've love that moment when each of my kids first sees the ocean and squiggles their toes in the sand. 
That childlike wonder of God's creation is a precious thing to behold. 

May we be like children and appreciate the beauty all around us and find delight in His world. 

Michael loved going out there with her and watching her delight in the sand and waves.

We were able to stay at Camp Rilea with my sister's crew and our mom and stepdad. The weather was fantastic and the kids were able to actually get into the ocean.

Mom leading Rina down the path through the dune to the ocean. 
On Saturday we spent the day at the Civil War reenactment at Camp Rilea. It happens every Labor Day weekend and we enjoy going every few years. My two eldest nephews, Josh and Marcus, were recruited in the morning and got to participate in the afternoon battle. 

They did really good keeping up with the other soldiers. 

Rina enjoyed trying to find her cousins in the binoculars. 

I was really proud of them for allowing themselves to experience a little of what the Civil War soldier had to go through. Reenactments really help history come alive! Josiah and his younger cousins can't wait to try it as soon as they are old enough.

Josh Marching with his regiment.
Marcus is the middle soldier in the darker uniform. 
Josh is in the middle, in the back, looking towards the camera. 

After the battle, they were hot and sweaty to be sure, but full of interesting stories of their experiences.
This man and his wife did a wonderful job of portraying President Lincoln and First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln.
On our way back from the beach that night, we ran into a bunch of elk. It was breathtaking to watch them close up.
Settling in for the night back at the "barracks". We camped out in a "duplex" at Camp Rilea for only $75 a night. Had 12 people in here with two toilets and two showers and even a refrigerator. We did all our cooking outside on the campstove. The kids got to bike all over the place. They love it!

We visited Seaside the next day and the kids rode the carousel and then we all went out for sushi. Rina loves seaweed! 

We had a great time playing the bumper cars over and over at Seaside. I guess I'm too old for this now as I had a really sore neck the next day. Boohoo! Stinks getting older :( Oh well, I know it was worth it because I loved seeing the smiles on my kids' and my nieces' and nephews' faces.

I was able to pay for our portion of the trip with my Underground Tour money that I've been getting for guiding. It's wonderful that we're able to do some fun things without having to stress about where the money is going to come from. What a blessing! My sister and I are planning a trip to Greece in May with her in-laws. I'm going to save all my Underground money to be able to go with her. I'm so excited for this once in a lifetime opportunity!

Have a Blessed Day,

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Becky L. said...

What fun! Civil War Reenactment at the coast! That would be fun to go to. We usually stay home and go the to rodeo. Maybe I'll go if you are there....that would be fun. I loved all the photos. I've been to reenactments at the park that's close to us. Interesting. I guess they moved it elsewhere next year. It's always interesting to see the way things were so many years ago. Makes us appreciate what we have now. Sometimes I think we have way too much to keep ourselves busy, via technology. I hope you get to go with your sister next year. That would be fun! Take care and hugs to all of you! God bless!


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