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Narnia Unit Study 2016-17: Magician's Nephew

We started another homeschool unit study this year called "Further Up and Further In" - A Chronicles of Narnia unit study. We're doing it with the same group of families that we did the Prairie Primer with last year. We're dressing up (sometimes) in 1940s theme this year. I've decided to blog about each book in one blog post.


Gracia taught us all about Atlantis and even painted this wonderful watercolor picture to help us imagine what the mythical city might have looked like.

Hailey taught us about British rule in India and how the Indians gained their independence from Britain. She also showed pictures of the two children from India whom we help support through "Gospel for Asia" - Manav and Swati.
Naomi taught us about the solar system and showed us a wonderful model. 
We took a little break from presentations and did some pantomime skits. Rina looked on with rapt attention.

Alli did her pantomime skit on petting a kitty and she did a great job. Everyone knew exactly what she was doing.
Then Alli taught us about the groundbreaking female scientist, Marie Curie. 
Josiah told us all about old time photography. We learned all about why everyone didn't smile because they had to hold still for so long.
We even learned about creepy chairs that were really parents covered up to look like a chair that were really holding their children still for the picture.
We watched a funny scene in "The Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again" that depicts the ex-outlaws going into an old-time photo session that turns into a disaster. Here is a good picture of the braces photographers used to help keep their subjects still.

When presentations, vocab trivia and scripture recitations were over, Josiah did a fun science experiment involving different sounds.
We did a feast of Indian foods for lunch. It was the first time the kids and I have ever had naan bread. Delicious! We also had chicken curry soup and vegetarian curry with a salad. 

Had to throw in this adorable picture of Josiah with Rina.
Naomi explained how time and seasons happen. Her mom, Jeni, was holding the sun (flashlight) to aid her presentation.

Gracia told us all about Buckingham Palace, complete with a video depicting the changing of the guard.
Alli did her presentation on the sun and stars.
Amanda found a simplified "Twelfth Night" adapted Shakespeare play for the kids to do. They had a ball. All of them are a bit dramatic and had no problem getting into character.
Can anyone say, "drama queen"???
Hailey did her presentation on the crown jewels of Britain and the many different uses of the Tower of London throughout the years. We learned that it currently is used to house the crown jewels.

Josiah taught us about some basic British currency and showed us pictures. 

We decided to do a Greek themed lunch complete with Baklava. So yummy!

We are having fun with the various hats and clothing we mined from the local thrift stores. 
Naomi shared a wind experiment with us.
Gracia did a wind velocity experiment. The kids really thought this one was exciting!
We had each of the kids look up a flower mentioned in the Magician's Nephew and draw or paint it. It was fun seeing what they each came up with.

Then we got all my bird identification books out and had each child pick out a bird to draw. These are vintage books from my Grandma Ellen and very special to me. 

Alli drew a red-winged blackbird. 
Gracia drew a barn owl.
Josiah loves the call of a black-capped chickadee.

Hailey drew an owl, too. 

Mexican-themed lunch - tostadas!


For presentations we had each child teach the group about a world leader during the WWII era. Alli taught us about Winston Churchhill.
Hailey taught us about Hirohito, the Japanese Emperor. We learned that Japan has the longest unbroken line of emperors in history.
Josiah taught us about Hitler's childhood and then his rise to power in Germany and subsequent death.
The lovely Gracia did her presentation on Mao Tse Tung, the Chinese leader during the WWII era.

For lunch we picked recipes from wartime Britain were rationing was a must. It was really fun to see what everyone came up with.

We had cauliflower and cheese and bacon, shepherd's pie, green pumpkin cobbler (tasted just like apple cobbler - this was actually a Ma Ingall's recipe from The Long Winter), potato cakes and deviled eggs (not pictured). Super simple, but really good and fun to use only what we had on hand in our pantries/refrigerators.

That's a wrap for the Magician's Nephew. Each family also did a lot of different readings and documentaries and such on their own. We watched The Hiding Place. We are currently working through Little Women each night. The kids are really enjoying it and I am, too.

See you in the Wardrobe next time!

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magnoliasntea said...

Wow, you're making homeschooling so much fun for your children. I love all the photos- thanks for sharing. Little Rina gets cuter and cuter it seems. Love the tuft of blonde hair.
I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!


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