Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Homestead Happenings - Dec 2016

As usual, December was jammed packed with all kinds of activities. We started the month off with a week of selling Christmas trees for Josiah's Boy Scout Troop 700. The boys were very committed and sold every single tree! This is their one big fundraiser they do all year to help pay for troop charter fees and also gain "Scout Bucks" to help offset the cost of summer camp. Michael has officially become an Assistant Boy Scout Leader. It's a big commitment, but Michael likes that it gives he and Josiah something they can do together. 

Josiah has been busy making knives out of broken saw blades and then sewing sheaths for them out of sheep hides that he and his dad naturally tanned a few years ago. He is also learning to weld and cast aluminum. 
Michal repurposed our old metal railings from the back porch we tore off the house and is making them into trellises where we can plant more grapes in the spring. Rina loves to eat grapes right off the vine. 

Hailey and I joined Grandma Kricket and Larry Pop to watch our local Nutcracker production. 

Our friend, Alli, did a great job dancing her parts!

Nothing makes Hailey's day more than a snuggle and a hug from Rina!
I let the kids decorate the tree this year for the first time. They did a great job! As the month went on, the ornaments on the bottom moved to the top, but we knew that was going to happen. Good thing we used plastic ornaments as Rina couldn't stop touching them. 

Our first snow turned into a month of snow. Rina isn't a fan, but she will play in it for a few minutes. 

When she gets in the sled, she automatically lays down. It is so funny! The kids pulled her around while doing the chores. The sheep thought she looked pretty funny, too. 

First round of snowmen. You can't tell, but these were taller than the kids. 
We got more snow a few days later and Josiah had some friends over for a snowball fight, complete with snow berms to hide behind. It was really cold that day, I was surprised they lasted as long as they did. 

 I took some time to be "Fun Mom" and froze my face off while hauling the kids around the pasture on a sled. They had a great time! The sheep love to chase them which makes it all that much more fun of course.
Rina likes to dip her cheese sticks in cake batter. Apparently it is delicious, who knew?

Had some friends from church over for dinner one night. This big guy was born three days before Rina. They are adorable together and get a long great. Even share binkies now and then - blech. 

My sister came up for a few days right after Christmas. Lily loved reading to Rina. 

The cousins all got to skate together several times during their visit at our local outdoor rink. Thank you Grandma Kricket for taking them!  

Oops! Clash of the redheads! 

A busy, but enjoyable month seeing family and friends we don't get to see super often. Thankful the weather cooperated for traveling because as soon as January hit, traveling became extremely dangerous around here. It's the worst winter in 10 years so far!

Good-by 2016, hello 2017!

See you in the New Year. God Bless, Jackie

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Becky L. said...

What a fun recap of your Dec. I need to do a post of something we did prior to Christmas as a family. Maybe next week. This week was ok but am glad it's over now...for the most part. Lily sure has grown up. I remember she was Rina's age when we met up with Stacie and Steve's family. My how time flies. I'm glad you gave your children rides...that's sweet and cold but memorable! Hugs and happy weekend!


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