Sunday, January 28, 2018

Narnia Unit Study 2016-17: Prince Caspian

For Prince Caspian we dressed in Spanish-style medieval outfits. I loved seeing what everyone came up with!

Each family came up with a design for their own coat of arms that they felt best represented their family. 
 Naomi showed us a sundial she made and explained how it worked. 

Alli taught us about hedgehogs. What a cute drawing!

 Hailey's presentation was on dwarfism. She explained the different types of dwarfism and how genetic factors can cause it. We had permission from family friends to use their family portrait as an example. Michael's high school friend and his family were on the TV reality show called Big People, Little World. It was so exciting to see them on the show!
Gracia's presentation was on eagles.

 Josiah instructed us on "Heraldry". What the different parts of a coat of arms meant, and again history and purpose thereof. 
 Here is an example of a coat-of-arms,whose parts are labeled and he explained what each was for.
We ended our time together with fried fish, a mixture of baked root veggies, boiled eggs, oatcakes, apple pie and salad-on-a-stick. It was all very scrumptious!

Of course we had to throw in one picture of our little mascot, Rina. 


 Josiah made his own armor out of some leftover roofing tin Michael had lying around. He laced up the sides. He discovered how hard it is to move in them and why they have so many pieces. He could barely move in his!
Naomi started us out with a presentation on squirrels.

Gracia taught us all about last names, how they came into being, the purpose and much more. This was quite a fascinating subject. 

 Alli taught us about tide pools. She showed us pictures of tide pools they saw on their Hawaiian vacation. So beautiful!
 Hailey's presentation was about a minor god in Roman mythology mentioned in Prince Caspian, whose name was Pomona.
 Josiah took us outside for a blacksmithing presentation and demonstration.
 He was working on a blade. He was totally in his element. Told us about the history of blacksmithing and its many uses.
 We really need to get an anvil for this kid!

Sadly, we forgot to take a picture of our meal, but it consisted of scrambled eggs, pigeon pie (chicken pie), and porridge with blueberries. 

We had such a good time and learned some really interesting things that month. The book is one of our favorites! On to Voyage of the Dawn Treader next.

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Becky L. said...

What a fun and educational unit study. Interesting what the children learn thru those activities and giving reports is great. Your children are growing in many ways. Great to see that! I kinda miss those days of home schooling. Thanks for sharing!


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