Saturday, May 26, 2018

Rina's Third Birthday Party - A Cowgirl is Born!

This darlin' little girl turned three years old a couple weeks ago. We had a family dinner at her favorite restaurant, Susie's Cafe, on her actual birthday. She was given several things horse-related that evening.

Hailey made this gorgeous lemon/Bavarian cream filled cake to take to the restaurant. 

She did such a good job.
On Saturday we had her birthday party at our homestead. Before the party, Papa and Nana showed up with a BIG surprise. Here she is waiting to see what Papa brought her in his horse trailer....
She was absolutely overwhelmed when Bakerman emerged. She just didn't know what to think!
It didn't take too long for her to realize that Bakerman really did belong to her!
She was excited to receive a pink lead rope from her Grandma Kricket and Larry Pop. Bakerman loves the green grass at his new home. Bakerman is a 23-year-old miniature horse whom my dad has had for years. He's an absolute sweetheart and perfect for a 3-year-old girl. He doesn't bite or kick and he's not only broke to ride, but also to drive a cart.
This saddle is the same one I rode in when I was her age.
Naughty Papa, he even brought Bakerman into the house. Good thing I still have plywood floors!

The Papa hitched him up and took the birthday girl for a spin. We gave rides to all the kids when her party started.

Our sweet homeschool friend, Gracia, made Rina's beautiful cake.
 I had sent her a picture of Bakerman and she made it look like him. So cute!
 Gracia helped Hailey make some lemon-filled cupcakes and they had a great time decorating them.
The newly constructed deck sure came in handy that day! 
We served cake and ice cream to 50 friends and family that day.
We brought out the chicks and let the kids hold and pet them.
We even cleaned up Dixie and she got lots of loves that day. She was one happy ewe!
Rina got some really cute gifts. The Clarks got her a little stuffed horse that looked like Bakerman.
She loves this wooden play food set she got from some friends at church.
We gave her a couple of brushes for Bakerman.
Grandma and Grandpa Laughlin gave Rina a very useful gardening tool set. 
We had a pinata filled with little toys instead of candy.
 The kids had so much fun.  The pinata was looking pretty disproportionate by the end ;)

The next day I taught Josiah how to hitch up and drive Bakerman. We also discovered it is an excellent way to get her to take a nap.
I also taught Josiah how to saddle him up so he can lead Rina around. This day I had them take a letter down to the mail box. And you all thought the "Pony Express" was history!

Welcome to Mission Rd Homestead, Bakerman! You will be loved and cared for in your twilight years. We look forward to many good times ahead with you.

Thank you to Nana and Papa who made a little girl's dream come true! Happy third birthday to our sweet Rina. You are so very loved and cherished, dear one.


Becky L. said...

What a fun and horse-y birthday for Rina! Can't believe she's 3 already! Glad ya all had a great time celebrating! We just celebrated our 2 granddaughters' birthdays. Melody is 10 tomorrow and Lydia is 2, earlier in the month. Met at Chick-Fil-A for lunch and spent fun 2 hours together. Fun times with family and friends...never a dull moment! Hugs and blessings!

Cookie said...

She is the image of Stacy and you! What a wonderful birthfay! I enjoyed seeing all the fun! �� love to all Aunt Cookie!


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