Friday, July 13, 2018

Heppner Family Camp Out 2018

  We had a perfect weekend camping at a private ranch in Heppner with family. The logging roads make for the best ATV trails and you never have to worry about anyone coming around the corner. The wildlife is in abundance and the views breathtaking, but best of all are the memories made with family. Hailey is starting to learn how to ride ATVs with someone else behind her. She and her Cousin Jess REALLY like the mud!
You can't see it well in this picture, but they both came back from a ride just covered in mud.

My niece, Jess, would also take the younger kids on mellow rides near the camp. Rina enjoyed it so much.

 We added a few new fun activities this year. We brought our two kayaks and took turns rowing them around the small stock pond. It was really fun, but when you got to close to the bank, it smelled like a feedlot.

 Jess tried her hand at fishing since the pond is stocked. 

 No luck. The only thing she caught was...


 My niece, Lily, with Rina. Campin' kids!

 Hailey paddling through "Algae Island". 

I took my good camera and practiced a little. Here are some Common Teasel I snapped a photo of as I was practicing my close up shots. I'm trying to get used to my new camera, but don't have a lot of time to practice. 

 My nephew, Jacob, took my other nephew, Noah, out for spin. It's nice, because smaller children can fit up front in these kayaks. They are only 8 ft in length, but wider than a normal kayak. I like that because they feel more stable. Although my niece Jessica managed to turn one over, she got it up-righted before it sank, LOL. She's our hot-rod kayak kid.
 I was able to take Rina out and enjoyed spending time with my niece, Lily, as we rowed around the pond and I pointed out all the different birds. She said to me, "Aunt Jackie, you make everything into an adventure!" What a sweetie. Love all my nieces and nephews to pieces.
 Rina took a turn paddling me around the lake. 

 My "skittish" sister actually got into a kayak. I think we got her hooked! She was relaxed in no time.

This has to be one of my favorite pictures of Stacie and her daughter, Jess. I couldn't get enough of watching have fun together with those kayaks. They were a great investment and we've already used them a lot this summer.
 The next day, I went out with Rina. Hailey was the only kid who was brave enough to swim in that water. She enjoyed letting me pull her around the pond. My silly, brave daughter!
The girls did a little kayak routine to music. OMGoodness, so cute and funny!

 My stepmom, Diana, provide fun activities for the kids which included making sun visors and filling a pinata for the all the grand-kids to enjoy.
 The pinata included these interesting looking teeth and A LOT of candy.

 Stacie, Jessica, Rina and I road down to the old schoolhouse to see if it was still standing. We always think it's going to be a fallen down mess the next year we come back, but somehow it is still standing the test of time even though it is severely leaning.
 Can you see how it is leaning to the left?

We hung out in the shade while the kids played in the creek and caught a whole bunch of crawdads with nets provided by Nana. Here is my nephew, Elijah, who is currently battling kidney disease. He had so much fun that weekend. It was awesome to see him just get to be a kid again despite his challenges. 

 My dad helping to get a kite unstuck from around their motor home. It was windy that weekend and their aren't any power lines around the ranch- so perfect place to fly a kite.
Fly high!

 My niece, Jess, took these fun pictures of Hailey when they were out on one of their ATV rides.

 LOL, love this!
Nana gave this cute bee costume to Rina. It has a little stinger in the back and she had a grand time going around "stinging" everyone with it. Here she is standing in the doorway of Stacie's cute vintage trailer. Peace out from this bumble bee! Good-bye Heppner, until next year!

God Bless,

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