Friday, December 19, 2008

The Polar Express

We got to go on a free train ride with the kids last weekend. It started at Elgin and followed the Grande Rhonde River a ways. It was a beautiful snowy day that wasn't too cold! We felt like we were on the Polar Express. Michael was at drill so Mom and Larry came with me. It was so much fun.

The snow was falling gently with big beautiful snow flakes. Here is a picture of the Grande Rhonde River. We saw a bunch of wild turkeys. I took a picture but they are too far away to really tell what they are.

I love this one of Hailey with her arm around Josiah. She loves her brother so much.

You can see the delight on Hailey's face. Josiah thought it was pretty cool, too.

A family friend of ours, Dave Arnold, was the conductor on the train. He stopped long enough for us to take some pictures of him with the kids and chat a bit.


Rachel said...

Sooooo precious Jackie!

You take beautiful pics!

I just LOVE your little kids! I looked just like that at their age. I used to get pet a LOT by people.

After 4 kiddos, I'm still left asking... where's my readhead??

Rachel said...

I meant REDhead. oops

Freckles and Frogs said...

Great pictures! I Jackie! I read your blog off of Jamie Aker's. I really enjoying keeping up with your family. Hey, I've been wondering if you have a recipe for a hot chocolate mix I can make ahead and keep on hand that kids will like. You know so it sort of tastes and has a similar texture to the high fructose corn syurp stuff in a box at the store???

Happy Holidays! Your family is so fun to keep up with!

Susan Peterson

Brenda said...

Great pictures! That would be so much fun - Olivia would absolutely love it!

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

I LOVE the one of Hailey with her arm around Josiah! The benefits of having siblings! Oh how sweet.

I can't believe it was free. Hood River's train is really expensive. What a blessing.

candy said...

Oh I love these pictures. Everyone is having so much fun. What a special memory.

Knittin'Peace said...

I agree that you take great pictures.

I just had to comment on how CUTE those little redheads are.


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