Sunday, May 17, 2009

Fishing Fun

Last Friday we promised Josiah we would go fishing at our local lake. We normally always catch fish but only one bite this time. Bummer, but the kids were good sports about it. We ended up giving Hailey her birthday present very early, which was a Strawberry Shortcake fishing pole. Josiah was so excited to give it to her. The kids had a blast, all I did was try to make sure both of them stayed in the boat along with our belongings. After Hailey tossed in a new jar of fish eggs, a full box of lead sinkers and various other mysterious items, I finally got smart and hid my purse and cell phones. LOL! She had more fun throwing stuff in the water when we weren't paying attention than she did fishing. Michael tied her fishing pole to the boat, otherwise that would have gone in, too.

I've learned the key to fishing with kids is snacks, snacks and more snacks!

Here they are somewhat patiently trolling (Michael was our trolling motor).

Fishin' buddies.

The kids had to both "help" Michael row to the boat ramp. It was hilarious! He's such a great dad, I would not have had that much patience.

When we were going through town on our way home from fishing, we realized the Ag and Timber Parade was just about to start. So we decided to stop and join in the fun even though it was getting late. Hailey was exhausted by the end of it and decided to "chill" on her daddy's legs. It is honestly the nosiest parade I've ever been to, but of course the kids just loved it. Between fishing and the parade, we were ready all ready for bed that night.


RaD said...

My kids claim they like fishing too. What they like is being on the boat, throwing things in the water, touching the worms and reeling in the fish. It's the waiting that they can't stand. Boy are these pictures going to make them ask "When do we get to go to Oregon?" for the umpteenth time!

Robin said...

I'm just sitting smiling as I think about the good old days when I liked fishing.

Then we had kids.

It was never the same.


Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Too cute! I loved the "snack concept".

Hailey is just so stinking cute, I want to eat her up! I'm so looking forward to seeing you guys on Friday!

Amy said...

Those pictures are cracking me up. Haily just looks like she was loving it!!! You guys must be pretty patient also to make it through fishing and a parade!!! Thanks for checking in on me during my little "break". It's great to be back!!!!

OurLilFullFam said...

Cute pictures Jackie. It looks like you all had fun!

Snacks are my answer to everything anymore!



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