Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Child's Faith Strengthed

You are probably looking at these pictures and wondering "What does a child's faith have to do with soccer?" Well, I'll tell you. Soccer has been a challenge for Josiah. He has had a really hard time staying on his feet due to lack of coordination. He must have hit a growth spurt by about the third soccer game (he's been having growing pains at night again) and it really effected his coordination. Seriously, he's down more than he's up most of the time.

Last night he prayed before dinner that God would help him get a goal again. I was cringing inside, and in my short-sightedness, I was thinking "What will happen to his faith if he doesn't get a goal?" That will teach me to think inside the box. At last night's game, not only did God help him stay on his feet more (I only saw him fall down twice), he got TWO GOALS! I'm still praising God.

As I thought about it later, I was reminded that God is such a personal God, even with children. He is teaching Josiah faith in way that speak to him alone. What a relief to remember that I am only one tool in God's tool box.

My friend, Ruth, took these pictures while they were visiting. She has an amazing camera and I thought that even though they aren't last night's game, they were good pictures and went with the theme of my story. I love the first picture where Josiah is concentrating so hard on getting his first goal, that his tongue is sticking out.

This is a great picture of Josiah running. One of the things we worked on with him was "hustling" to the help his teammates out. He learned so much. I'm not a sports person, so this was all really new to me. It honestly isn't a lifestyle I enjoy all that much, rushing to a different town for a game, keeping Hailey out of everybody's stuff, off the field and from throwing a fit when I tell her "no". However, when I see the things Josiah has learned, I'll probably do it next year. He has informed me that he wants to play soccer for the rest of his life. Being a mother is about sacrifice and I have to remind myself of that.

I thought this was good picture of Josiah and I.
Of course, I just had to throw in this beauty. That expression she has on her face just speaks volumns. She's probably trying to figure out a way to steal some water bottles from Josiah's teammates. My lil' firey red-headed girl. I'm so blessed with my kids. They both have intense personalities, like me, but I'd rather have that than bumps on logs anyday. They have a zest for life (and for God) that is inspiring and pushes me to be a better mom.
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Jenn said...

Jackie - All my kids have intense personalities too, like me. They are all leaders; there are no followers in our family. One of my sons is particularly different in his thinking. I'm actually thankful for that. They all have bright minds and they think for themselves.

The challange as Moms is this - there can only be one leader at home during the day and that has to be Mom. I tell my kids all the time that God has made them strong leaders not followers. I also tell them that God put them in our family so that they can learn what it means to be a servant leader. They also need to learn to follow God, especially when He tells them to do hard things. I remind them that my wanting them to clean the bathroom is nothing compared to the hard things God will call them to do later. If they can learn to obey Mom and clean the bathroom, it will be easier to obey God later in life. I remind them that obeying Mom is obeying God.

My goal is to raise godly children who will obey God immediately. I also see that my boys will be some sort of leaders in the church, and I want them to be humble. I've been around church leaders who aren't humble, and I don't want that for my boys.

Wow, that was a long comment. Hope you're enjoying the end of your summer. God bless you as you continue mothering those precious kids.

Regina @VestPocketFamilyFarm said...

Yesterday my oldest (28) told me about seeing misbehaving children in public and reminded me of my 'unfair' practice of double helps of consequences when rules were broken in public. She now says she wishes those other parents would make that choice.

Time sure changes the perspective. ;))

christy rose said...

Wow! he prayed for one goal and God gave him two. that is just like God isn't it?
The pictures you have on here are so good!

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

I loved this post! I'm so proud of Josiah! God loves to strengthen our children's faith.

I really liked the picture of Josiah and you.

And I know all about the water bottle thieves! Andrew and Jacob are experts at it!

RaD said...

Hey lookie here, I come on to leave a comment for you and find one for myself. Glad other people liked the pictures. I love taking pictures.

Anyway, I did not come here to brag about me (sorry, I was not trying to get carried away there). That was a great story, so worth sharing. Elisha had a few of those victories himself on the baseball field, especially when he was in a batting slump. We taught him Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." It really encouraged him when he got nervous.

We were also told at VBS last week that they could not believe how Bethany prayed, so comfortable with talking to God. Yep, I told them she amazes me too.

I love when God shows us how He is working through our kids to build them up in Him.

Cat said...

What a great and generous God we serve!! Thank you for sharing this story.

CB said...

I love the new look on your site (I haven't been by in awhile). The soccer pics are sweet too...your kids are growing by the minute, it seems.

I love it when my children pray these types of things & God comes through. It's so wonderful!

motherofmany said...



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