Sunday, August 2, 2009

Part 1: Hailey's 2nd Birthday Party

Hailey turned 2 years old yesterday. We had a birthday party in our backyard for her. Her theme this year was flowers and butterflies. The colors were really bright and fun and I didn't get one picture of the decorations. Urgghh! We decided to do a late morning party to beat the heat and avoid having a party during nap time. Glad we did because it was really hot yesterday afternoon.

We started out the party with just letting the kids play on the play set
while I finished up the last minute stuff. Then we ate cake and homemade ice cream, opened gifts, did a pinata, played and visited some more. It was wonderful. After that our family all headed to a local pizza buffet that has an arcade and we ate until we were stuffed, let the kids play in the arcade for awhile and headed back to the house.

My parents brought up a bunch of veggies from their garden as well as my grandpa's and helped me processes it before she left. What a gift!

After my family took off, my MIL, Kay, helped me with final clean up and then we sat in the backyard and let the kids play in the water. That is where I took the very "Homestead Wannabes" appropriate picture you now see on my header. I just love that they wanted to do laundry in slip 'n slide. Josiah had laundry hanging from the lilac trees to dry. It was so funny, yet creative.

If you want to see the pictures better, just click on the image.
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Cat said...

Sounds like y'all KNOW how to have a party! It was only 112 where we were yesterday shopping at a 5-acre used building supply place for items that we can use in the new house going up at the ranch for Jay's daughter's family. It was not particularly fun with a 4-year old and 6-year old. But we did the best we could. Nothing like your party, that's for sure.

Jessica said...

Wow, happy 2nd birthday for sure! Oh, and we (readers) can see the awesome decor in the background of the photos, so no worries...I see butterflies hanging, and I a large flower in the background of the pic of Hailey eating her cake--so beautiful, great choices! Sounds like a memorable celebration!

RaD said...

I had this nagging feeling I was spelling Hailey's name wrong on my blog post. Guess I should have went with that feeling and double checked your blog. Sorry about that!

I can't believe she's two already. She made a very cute birthday girl!

candy said...

She is two where has the time gone. She is so cute and happy. Enjoying her party. Very pretty cake.
and I love your opening picture. That is a keeper. One for the wall like Stacie's opening picture. So cute. I love them. Tell Hailey Happy Birthday. Love Candy

blessedmomof3 said...

Happy belated birthday to Hailey! Looks like she had a fabulous day! I still remember when my mom told me she was born, and sent me a few photos of her. :-)


Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

112 degrees? Yikes! The hottest we've had so far was 99 degrees and it was the day of Hailey's birthday. It has cooled off a little since then.

Thanks for noticing the decorations. You made my day!

Everybody Else,
Thanks for your well wishes for Hailey!

christy rose said...

It looks like Hailey had a wonderful birthday. Love your new header picture! Oh the memories you have made.

Regina @VestPocketFamilyFarm said...

Those were adorable decorations, I saw them, birds, flowers, butterflies, strong colors.

I also about snorted my iced tea at the header pic! Love it, you will be blackmailing them with it in years to come you know.. ;))

Rachel and Family said...

Okay, that is THE CUTEST header picture ever! I love it!!

Also looks like a great birthday party. 2 already?? Wow!


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