Friday, March 26, 2010

Breaking Ground For Our Garden

In addition to remodeling our home, we've also been working on getting our organic, heirloom garden going. Since our compost pile won't be ready this year, we found some beautifully composted horse manure (I call it "black gold") at a local stable. We had to dig through stacks of manure to get to the bottom where it was slimy and full of red worms. It was beautiful stuff! We dumped an entire pick-up load over our 660 sq. ft. of garden space. Michael used the "Little Crawler" he restored to push the compost around. Doesn't that look like fun?Then we hired a guy with a tractor to come till it up for us. This was so worth $50, especially since we were were breaking new ground.There's my cute hubby, raking the garden out into rows. We were both so sore that day from all the compost slinging and raking. A friend of ours gave us some black plastic rolls, so we decided to use that to cover our planting rows this year. We'll probably go with a natural fiber landscaping material next year. Michael staked them down, but apparently not real well. We had a wind storm the next day and most of the plastic is flapping now. We haven't had time to fix it because we've been working on the addition. We also got some blank newspaper rolls and are going to use that for in between the rows and then put straw on top of the paper to help hold it down and create a weed barrier between rows. I hate weeding! 

We lost our broccoli, cauliflower, basil and cabbage seedlings when I tried to slow their growth down by putting them outside all day. Apparently, even though it was sunny that day, it was too cold, although it wasn't freezing. Oops! Oh well, less to transplant. I'll start them over when I actually should be planting them ;) All the other plants are doing great.So, while the tractor guy was here, Michael decided to have him till up part of the yard so we could level it out and replant grass. I know, like we didn't have enough projects going on! I'm still bitter about that one, especially since the task of raking and seeding has fallen to me since Michael is working on the addition. I'd rather be working on the garden! You can see how big this area is compared to the garden in the right hand corner of our lot. It's like a 1/4 acre! I'm so sore from raking this puppy. Then when the kids get back, I'm going to have the fun job of trying to keep them out if it since I'm going to re-seed it soon.

Praise God the kids are still gone since some of the remodeling has been dangerous work. I didn't realize how hazardous demo work can be. It has been so nice not worrying about the kids getting hurt. My MIL has them all week and now my mom and step-dad are wanting them for the weekend. Sweet! We are going to try to tear out the interior walls this weekend. That is when the mess will really start. The framing, sheathing (sp?), and wiring should be done today. It is really starting to come together.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

God Bless,


Andrea said...

WOW...lots going on at your house!
Blessings, andrea

Lisa said...

You're a busy little beaver! I'm looking forward to seeing your garden progress. I have such a tiny back yard, but may get a small garden box going -- encouraged by your gardening!

Have a great weekend!

Connie said...

You are getting so much done! I admire all your work and may you have a wonderful garden.

Angela said...

This year my eldest has asked to make a garden. He is taking landscaping in College this year and well,,,he wants to start a garden..We used to have one for many years than when we moved in this house I just had some raspberries and strawberries,,and perennial flowers,,I'm SO itching to get back to having fresh veggies from my own garden..So I'm praising God for my son's interest and willingness to start one in this home.

Amy said...

Gardening is a lesson in patience.

I am waiting awhile longer, then I am going to plant my cucumbers again. Everything else looks ok.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Mary R. said...

That's awesome!

Catherine said...

Whew! You are wearing my out. It looks good, and I'm certain you will be eating many wonderful delicacies this summer and fall.

Sarah said...

You guys certainly are busy and productive right now! We here feel like that often and just when things start to slow down and we catch a breather, we start to look for MORE projects!

I admire all the hard work you both are putting into your vegetable garden...I do hope you will reap a great harvest!

God Bless

The Real Me! said...

Oh How exciting. I can't wait to see how this goes for you this year!! And I agree, so worth the $50.00!


RaD said...

You know it's kind of funny that you would speak so highly of compost, but I do get why :)

You have your work cut out for you, but knowing you you'll enjoy every bit of it.

Mich said...

Wish I could have a garden... I have a black thumb. i kill more than grow.

Happy Sunday!

Camille said...

What a great garden spot Jackie! How lovely that you are going to be able to do such a big one!! My little plot is very small, but hopefully we will get a few veggies out of it this year.

Oh...the joys of renovating!! You are doing a great job on your home...enjoy even these days as they soon will be behind you and only a memory. Really, I know! :)

Have a wonderful week!

Haddock said...

Its a nice see your own plants grow.


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