Saturday, October 23, 2010

Introducing Layla, My Newest Niece/Rassmussen's Pumpkin Patch

We finally got to see my newest niece, Layla, last weekend. She is a month old and absolutely adorable. She is Michael's youngest sister's baby. The kids were thrilled to meet their newest cousin. They both wanted to hold her. I'm hoping she'll end up with red hair, since her mom has gorgeous auburn hair. Time will tell!

Isn't this the picture of preciousness?

Michael acts like he doesn't like babies, but this picture proves he isn't as much of a grumpy old man as he wants everyone to think he his, LOL. My SIL is looking on. You done good, April!

My MIL took the kids and I to Rassmussen's Pumpkin Patch. I've heard about this place, but had never had the opportunity to go. So glad we had enough time. It was something else. All the displays, including the corn maze were free! This year's theme was "Mysteries". I liked it because it wasn't a bunch of scary stuff. This first scene is the game "Clue". They use gourds and pumpkins for all the heads. 

I thought this was clever.

Sherlock Holmes

Amelia EarhartCharlie Brown and The Great Pumpkin

Hailey, my MIL, Kay, and Josiah playin' around on the old-time tractor.

Corn maze. They had a fun "Where's Waldo" theme going on. I loved that it wasn't scary and just plain old fun. 

The corn maze ended in the pumpkin patch. My MIL treated each of the kids to a pumpkin. Hailey is staking her claim.

Kay and Hailey picking out their pumpkins.

Hope you all are getting some great pumpkins at your local pumpkin patch this year!

God Bless,


OurLilFullFam said...

What a neat place, I love fall and all the treasure it brings outside!

Sweet baby! I have added you to my prayer list for a new baby!


Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Thanks, Stephanie! We've been open to having another child for awhile now, and so far nothing has happened. Praying for his timing and contentment until/if He chooses to bless us in this area. I covet you're prayers in this area:)

Freckles and Frogs said...

I love Rassmussen's farm! We went once when we lived in LG. Such a fun place and the fact that it's free makes it so enjoyable. I love all the creativitiy in their themes! Woo hooo.... and beautiful baby!

Catherine said...

Looks like y'all had a wonderful time together. What an adorable baby your SIL has got!

RaD said...

Free! How fun! I love free events with our kids. Glad it was so family friendly.

Your new little niece is adorable.

Deborah Ann said...

That pumpkin party looks awesome! And that little sweetheart with the purple hairband? PRECIOUS!!!

Rachel and Family said...

That picture up top caught my eye on my dashboard. SO CUTE! Josiah looks so happy!

We went to Rassmussen's every year. We always had a blast looking at the squash displays.

Anonymous said...

That looks like a fun place! Your new little neice looks like she may end up a red head!! So sweet.

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

I really need to go there. I wonder if I could squeeze it in this week?

Layla is precious. I need to go visit them anyways, so maybe we'll make a trip out of it.

Love you and loved the pics!

Sarah said...

Oh what a sweet precious little one, your newest niece is! I just adore brand new babies...they smell soooo good!

Lovely photographs of the pumpkin patch trip Jackie! We do not have anything like that here in Ireland that I'm aware of...though most supermarkets sell them at this time of year!

Loving your new header and blog decorations!...Though at present I'm not always able to load your blog page?

Great news that you and Michael are open to the blessing of a new baby yourselves...I know how hard it can be to be patient in that area; for us conception seems to take whilst you wait upon the Lords timing I will pray for you and your husband in this area!

God Bless

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Thank you, Sarah! I do appreciate your prayers for God's will for our family size.

Glad you like the blog layout and header. Let me know if it doesn't load all the way again. Don't know what is going on.



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