Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Jackie's Homemade Healthy Hot Chocolate (Cocoa) Recipe

You in the mood for a cup of delicious, rich hot chocolate that is guilt-free and actually healthy for you? The marshmallow is homemade, too. You could easily make this dairy-free, just use straight water instead of milk or oat milk. I used unrefined sugar in this recipe. I haven't bought hot chocolate for years, with the exception of when we were camping as a special treat. I'm so excited to be able to have hot chocolate in the house again. It is so easy to make! I choose not to have a microwave in our home, so these are stove top instructions. Very easy and a lot healthier for you.

Homemade Healthy Hot Chocolate (Cocoa) Recipe:
1/3 to 1/2 cup of sucanat (unrefined sugar) OR 1/4 cup of Slim Sweet (an all natural low glycemic sugar from the Lo Ho fruit). Can adjust sweetness to taste.
1/3 to 1/2 cup cocoa powder (more if you like it darker)
1 pinch salt
1/2 cup water
4 cup milk
1 tsp vanilla extract

1. In a medium sauce pan, stir water, natural sugar (sucanat or Slim Sweet), cocoa, vanilla and salt. Stir, bringing to a boil. This will not take very long.

2. Slowly pour in milk (I always use raw). Stir until smooth and hot but not boiling. 

3. Divide into 4 cups. How easy was that? Add a homemade marshmallow if desired. 

For pre-mixed hot chocolate:
Mix the following ingredients together and store in a Mason jar or air tight container: 
2 cup sucanat
 2 cup cocoa powder
2 tsp salt
(This pre-mix makes 20 servings)

Just add vanilla and milk or water and follow instructions above. You could use *powdered milk in this mix, but it is not at all healthy for you, so to me it is worth the little bit of extra time it takes to heat the fresh milk. For a dairy-free option, you could substitute with oat milk.

So, sit back and relax and enjoy a cup of guilt-free cocoa as the days get colder. Happy Fall!

*According to Nourishing Traditions:
Not only is powdered milk devoid of all enzyme content (just like any pasteurized milk), commerical dehydration methods oxidize cholesterol in powdered milk, making it harmful to the arteries. High temp drying also creates large quantities of cross-linked proteins and nitrate compounds, which are potent carcinogens as well as free glutamic acid which is toxic to the nervous system. 


Catherine said...

Oh, Jackie, that looks easy and yummy. I always serve hot cocoa to my students on the first day it snows. That was yesterday, but I didn't see it, so we will wait a bit longer. The rule is that I have to see it too...and not just on the cars from up the hill. One of my students arrived with 2 inches on top of his mom's car. Whoo-hoo, we are IN for the ride...with hot cocoa, that is :}

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

I can't wait to do this with the kids! thank you for sharing the recipe!

I can't wait for the marshmellow recipe!

Jenn said...

I love homemade cocoa thanks for sharing this.

Camille said...

I am *so* going to give this a try Jackie...thank you! Do you think it will help make cinnamon buns any healthier?? LOL!! (Like I told you before, I always think of you when I post something completely unhealthy)! :)

Oh yes...and the marshmallows...can't wait!

Have a wonderful day!

hip-chick said...

ooh that sounds good. I don't care for the kind they sell in the little envelopes. This will taste better and be less expensive.

Jill said...

This looks so yummy! I love that it's a healthy version. Thanks for sharing! I also love your new header, what a great picture!
Have a wonderful afternoon!

Camille said...

OK...tried it...loved it...YUMMY!!!!!!! Didn't take me long to get going on this, did it? ;-)

P.S. It seems that the water should be added in for the first I right?

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Yes, Camille! Thank you for catching that mistake in the directions. I just changed it. I'm impressed that you tried that fast! So glad you liked it as much as me :)

Camille said...

LOL Jackie! Tempt me with anything chocolate and call it "healthy" and *look out*!! I'm actually craving another cup right now...trying not to give in to temptation! :)

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

LOL, Camille! Just go for it! I would ;) If you don't, you're a stronger woman than I!

His bondservant said...


So funny, I was going to post on my hot chocolate recipe here soon too. I am ALWAYS looking for healthy alternatives...especially to get my chocolate fix. I must is a weakness of mine. I will never eat out of the envelopes again...the last time I you know what I found in the envelope...a dead maggot! DISGUSTING!

Lady Kara said...

Oooh, yummy! Your recipes sound wonderful and healthy. Just discovered you through Mary R's blog. Wonderful blog! I will be following!

God bless,
Lady Kara

Regina @VestPocketFamilyFarm said...

I like to add pasilla chile powder to my hot chocolate. Nummy. I've made hot chocolate mix with half sugar/half succanat. Sounds just as good with the pure succanat.

Camille said...

I made it through the evening without the second cup, but today I made it for my family and enjoyed 1 1/2 cups! :)

I am *so* looking forward to that marshmallow recipe! (No pressure, though...just get to it when you are able). :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the cocoa recipe:) I have never tried using sucanat, but I will look into it. We use agave syrup and have really good results with it.

Sarah said...

Mmmm...this looks so good Jackie! I WILL be making this. We usually buy organic hot chocolate from the store...we only have it as a treat...but I still dispair at the added 'extra' ingredients! Thank you for sharing your healthy alternative!

God Bless

Camille said...

Just hopped back over to let you know the post is up. :)

Grandma Becky said...

I'm going to have to try it. My adult daughter loves hot chocolate. I'll have to get some of the unrefined sugar. Never used it before but bet it's better for you. I love chocolate! Found this post from Camille's blog I was visiting tonight! Hugs!

The Gillespie's said...

Thanks! Just made the hot cocoa with my raw cacao powder and stevia. So delicious! I will be checking out your site more often. If you don't use a microwave, how do you reheat leftovers? I know that microwaves aren't the safest things on earth, so if there is another easy option, i'm all ears! My blog is Thanks!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I bought a little tiny cast iron pan for melting butter and coconut oil, instead of using the microwave.

As for reheating leftovers, I either use a pan and stir, or I put it in the oven with a parchment paper over the top. Sometimes I place a little pyrex dish of water under the parchment paper (if there is room). Also, I'm careful to make my casseroles to the exact size that our family eats, so there aren't any left overs. But I make a lot of smaller casseroles at one time and freeze them uncooked, so all I have to do is thaw them out during the day and pop them in the oven at dinner time. Hope that helps!

Trish Bruce said...

Hi Jackie. Love your recipe on Hot Chocolate. Do you have one for peppermint chocolate stirring spoons??


Trish Bruce said...

Hi Jackie. Love your recipe on the healthy hot chocolate. Wondering if you have a recipe for healthy peppermint dark chocolate stirring spoons?

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Sorry Trish. I don't know how to make healthy dark chocolate stick to a spoon. I do have a healthy dark chocolate I make from sucanat, but I have to keep them in the freezer because I don't use anything to keep it emulsified. Here is my recipe for that in case you are interested:


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