Monday, November 8, 2010

School pictures - Need your opinion!

Because things are really tight around this household at the moment, I've decided to do the kids' yearly pictures again. Now that the house is remodeled, it sure is easier to find a nice background than it used to be. It has been too rainy and cold to do any outdoor pictures. I took these with my little not-so-good snapshot camera. Was so hoping we'd have enough money to get me a better camera for Christmas this year, but it doesn't look like it will happen. So these will have to do. They aren't as crisp as I'd like, but that is life. I'm thinking I'll use this picture for Josiah's 1st grade pic. Look at all those missing teeth! I told him he looks like a cute jack-o-lantern with his orange hair and his missing teeth. He thought that was so funny.

Here is Hailey Baby. I took a couple of shots of her that I liked. Can't figure out which one I want to turn into wallets. So help me out, please! Please let me know if you like Hailey picture #1...

or picture #2 best?

I like their smiles here, but I don't really like the angle.

I love natural pictures of them just playing around. I love it when they are affectionate with each other.

I think I'll pick this one for the Christmas card photo this year.

Hailey absolutely loves for me to curl her hair. I took a quick picture of her in her cute pink dress as we headed out the door for church. She is really into dresses right now. I just went to some second hand shops and got her a few more really cute dresses today. Gonna milk this phase for all its worth!

Josiah insisted on taking a few pictures of me. He took this one and my new profile pic. Not bad for a 7 year old. I love digital cameras because I can give him some coaching until he gets it right. He is figuring out the zoom in, zoom out technique now. He really loves photography. 

So, please leave me a comment let me know which picture of Hailey I should pick. I'd sure appreciate it!

God Bless,


Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

Gorgeous shots with your little camera!!!!
I would go with the first of Hailey..
I love the candid shot of both kids - the laugh an snuggle!!!! It is my favorite:)

And, last year a neighbor/friend came over and took a bunch of photos for us with her digi camera, for free! She is also a scrapbooker, and very very talented. The photos are what we used for our Christmas card, and for the ranch publications...
You don't need a new camera, perhaps a friend to trade with????

Anonymous said...

Photo tips: Non-flash indoor photos, your camera probably has the option of turning the flash off- 1. turn off the flash. 2. Open all the curtains and blinds in the room, turn on all the lights and lamps. 3. situate the children near the light source{s}. 4. your camera might have a "portrait" setting, using it softens the feel of the image. 5. Don't under-estimate your little camera, I'm always quite amazed at what the little Point and Shoot digital camera's can do! 6. Wait for a break in the weather, if it's dry, run don't walk, outside to get the best shots!! There are also ways of softening the images using photo editing programs, post shoot.

I take posed individual yearly photos of the children around their birhtday times. I always try to get them outside, even if it's the front porch- Good luck!

Paula said...

Ella loves to use our digital camera. She likes to make movies too. In fact, her pictures (at 4) are often better than mine :)

I like the first picture of Hailey, and the one where they are snuggling. School pictures are overpriced. Especially if you are a family that takes pictures often at home.

Camille said...

They are all lovely Jackie! I like that one of the two of them hugging and not looking at the sweet! AND the card photo you chose is so beautiful (of the two of them).

As for Hailey...I think photo #1 is best...her smile looks more natural...but that's just know her best. :)

I agree with is amazing what can be done with those *point and shoot* cameras! Our second boy is into photography and has learned many cool features to use in our *old* camera...things we didn't even know were there! :)

Have a great day!


LizyBeth said...

Fantastic photography skills with the camera you have!! Of course, it's hard to take bad pictures when the subjects are so cute!

I like Hailey's picture #2 (but that seems to be going against popular opinion). She reminds me of my own little princess who loves to dress up and pose for pictures. :)

Robin said...

Definitely #1.

I like the smiling shot of the two of them together.

Grandma Becky said...

Good job on the photos. That's what our cameras are for. Digital does make it easier. Photo of Josiah is cute, but watch the extras like the electric outlet! You could crop it. Just one of those things I see when I see other people's photos. But just something we all have to look for when doing photography. Look through the lens and see what you don't want in there and fix it. Look at scene/people as well. Hailey's photos are cute too and love them. Thanks for sharing. Remember it really doesn't matter what camera you have as long as the photographer knows what she's doing. I have been wanting a dslr for a couple years but am gonna have to settle with what I have. They's a long story. Hugs!

Jill said...

These pictures are wonderful! great smiles. I like both pics of Hailey, but the second looks like it captures her personality as well as her beauty. Hard decision for sure! Have a great day!

Rachel and Family said...

#2!! Has personality! They all look great, you're a beautiful family!

Rachel and Family said...


Rachel and Family said...


Rachel and Family said...


.... can I vote more than once?


Regina @VestPocketFamilyFarm said...

Hailey #1 and the giggle and snuggle is the cutest one of them all.

Catherine said...

This is a tough choice; I can see why you are asking for help. Since you already have good pics, I'd choose #2 just because it is a little jaunty.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Thanks for your tips and suggestions everyone.

LOL! No, you can only vote once, hee hee.

His bondservant said...


They are all can you decide??? But, I guess if you had to back me into a corner...I would have to say #2. But really...I like them all. As cute as your children are...there are no bad pictures!

RaD said...

I really like #1 of Hailey, but might I add just one thing... center it a little better first. Sorry, I'm anal about such things :)

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

I love them all!!!!! Jessica and I can't get over how pretty Hailey's hair looks!

Sarah said...

Ooooh how cute...all of them! I very much like the first shot of Hailey and the photograph of both her and Josiah snuggling!

Happy Snapping!

Jenn said...

Oh! I can see why you are having a hard time choosing! I like both, but love the expression in #2. Kimberly gave you some great tips! They are the ones I would have given! :)

OurLilFullFam said...

This are so good Jackie!

I like the first one of Hailey, her eyes are so beautiful!!



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