Saturday, May 21, 2011

Photography Bug

What can I say? I caught the photography bug. I absolutely love playing around with my new camera settings. I'm learning so much and having fun doing it. The only thing I don't like is when I post my pictures on Blogger, they look grainy to me. Anyone know how to fix that? These first couple pictures are of the roses Michael gave me for my birthday. Michael loves black roses and tulips, so even though these weren't black, I used the setting that filters out all color except green. I thought it looked cool.

Using the same setting, I allowed it to filter in only yellow and green. I love the affect! 

Here are some of my beautiful tulips. I took this picture using the "vivid color" setting. Plus, I wanted to show you all our latest furniture addition. My grandma blessed us with this beautiful hutch. It is simple, but elegant, which I think goes great in our new addition.

My friend actually took this picture with my camera. I was holding her new baby son and I think she captured his sweet softness just beautifully.

So there you have it. Thanks for bearing a long with me as I learn more about photography. Hope you are all having a fantastic weekend!



Grandma Becky said...

I love your photos. Black roses are so pretty! Make sure your setting is on highest resolution for your camera, for one thing. When you post photos on your blog, do you make them small instead of medium or large? Are you changing the size of photo another program before you post?
I got a new camera recently and am loving it. Went out around our street yesterday afternoon since it was so nice out. Took camera with me. I love photography. I view the world differently. I see more detail.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I edit my photos in Picasa before I post. They automatically come load in the medium size in blogger and then I change them to large. I'll have to look at the resolution settings on my camera. Thanks for the tips! I know I'm not very good, but like you, it is sure helping me see a lot more detail in life :) Hugs, Jackie

RaD said...

You should try doing a 365 project. Sometimes it really gets me creative with my shots, plus there have been moments I had forgotten about until I looked through the pictures again.

Catherine said...

Your camera does very well for us in Blogger World, Jackie. The pictures are wonderful. I probably have all that stuff on my camera too,but I've never even looked! Shame on me.

Nadine said...

What fun pics!
I use Windows Live Photo to edit my photos and then I use Windows Live Writer for posting to my blog...more options than using Blogger. Hope that helps some.



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