Sunday, May 22, 2011

Safety Train Homeschool Field Trip

One of my dear homeschool moms put together a fabulous field trip on the Safety Train that only comes into town every now and then. We had nearly 200 people from our local homeschool group attend. It was on a Saturday, so we were extra blessed to have many dads along. 

Michael got these shirts for Hailey and Josiah for Christmas this year. Of course our family always has to be dressed in theme for everything, this field trip was no exception. We were waiting in the station for the Safety Train to arrive. We rarely get passenger trains through our area, so this was a BIG deal for our community.

See the dome in the second passenger car? Josiah made a bee-line for it, and I'm so glad he did. We had the best seats on the train. Wow!

I snapped this picture through the train window as we were sitting at the station. Love the way the lantern is actually on. So pretty. We have a beautiful train station and it is a shame that it isn't used for passengers anymore.

I have a thing about old signs on buildings.

Many of our friends were on the train with us. Those nice rounded window provided some breath-taking views. Man, we sure live in a beautiful valley! I loved seeing it from a different perspective.

Taking it all in.

Due to the enormous amount of rain we've been getting, there are parts of the valley that are flooding. 

Here is a road that is completely flooded out.

More flooding along the foot slopes of the valley.

Picture of the train as it rounded a bend. We were pretty much following parts of the old Oregon Trail, which always gives me goose bumps.

Hailey was pretty tired by the end. The gentle rocking of the train definitely made you sleepy. Especially since we were basking in the sunshine we've so rarely been getting.

Train rides are always so much fun. I haven't been on a whole lot of trains in my life, so when I do, it is a real treat. Thanks again to my sweet friend, Dorene, who organized such a fantastic field trip!


Grandma Becky said...

Trains are awesome. I love old buildings with old signs on them as well. Sounds like a fun trip and glad the 4 of you could go.

RaD said...

That looks like so much fun. We went on an amtrack train once and really enjoyed ourselves. How far did the train go?

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

It went out to Piles Canyon or Crook's Jct. It was so beautiful!

Kimberly said...

You sure get to do many fun things! Your children are growing quickly!

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Glad you got to go! So nice that Michael got to go with you. Wow! 200 people. That is amazing!!!

Catherine said...

I love trains (especially the dome car) and I love old signs on buildings too. When my daughter and I travelled from Missouri to Oregon on the train we experienced a beautiul lightening storm over the prairie at night ...from the dome car. They served, at 'happy hour' a Marguerita in a small pop-top can and some fish crackers, the first we'd ever seen. What a trip.

Jill said...

This looks like such a fun time! I haven't been on one since I was little, but I'd love to take my girls on one soon. Thanks for sharing!


Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

testing. I seem to be having trouble commenting

Lizzy said...

I love trains! My college had a train that passed in front of our parking lot. Students always complained about it because it could make you late for classes but I always loved watching it go by lol that was a big homeschool group you went with! I always loved the fieldtrips that our homeschool group went on, your kids will have great memories of your day :)


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