Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Homeschooling With Purpose

Here is a cute video of my son playing his "guitar" (really a cookie cooling rack) to the song "God is Watching over You". He learned the song in AWANA last year and loves it. While my son is far from perfect, I'm so delighted to see him continuing to move towards the things of the Lord. 

After reading this awesome post at Tina's blog, "A Delightful Inheritance", I was inspired to ask my son if he wanted to do a brainstorming session with me. I wanted to find out what he would like to learn more about during the next homeschooling year and emphasize those things, in and around the reading, writing and arithmetic. Tina's older daughter suggested in her post, to asked the child to pray for God's guidance before we started the brainstorming session about what he thought God's purposes might be for his life, and how he could move forward, knowing what they are.

Here was Josiah's list:

*Creation Science:
-Sea Life
-Fibonacci numbers  ( he learned about them from the Jonathon Park audio CD adventure set)

* Gun Safety

- It isn't enough for me to read it chapter by chapter. He wants to read it with me, taking turns reading the verses.
-Scripture memorization: 
He wants to memorize the Book of James with me. At first he didn't think he was capable, just like I didn't. But I told him the story of how my friend challenged my faulty thinking when I told her I couldn't do it. She told me I was right, I couldn't do it, but the Holy Spirit living in me could. She said I needed to ask for the Holy Spirit's help and because we know hiding God's Word in our heart IS His will, He would help me memorize the Book of James. I've memorize 25 verses so far with the help of the Holy Spirit! Josiah got excited and we started working on it that day. It is so important to memorize scripture because we never know when we may be without our bible and really need the lifeline of the Word!

Josiah and I can clash quite often because of our very similar personalities, but slowly I'm learning what makes him tick and how to help direct all that passion. I have to lean on God's wisdom and guidance every day. When I don't, I always fall flat on my face, which can be quite often some weeks! I'm so grateful his heart is sensitive to the things of Lord, even though he is a sinner just like me. 

I have to keep remembering he is on the assembly line. God is adding things to him daily as he slowly gains the knowledge and skills to be the person God wants him to be. I have to remind myself often not to expect him to be perfect. He wasn't born perfect, therefore my job isn't to keep him perfect. My job is to teach him to walk in the ways of Jesus and show him as best I can, through how I deal with MY imperfections, the reason he needs the help of Jesus. I'm grateful he understands this better than I did at his age! He sees my shortcomings, and at times, my hypocrisy.  The best thing I can do is keep apologizing when I mess up and show him I am forgiven, then keep going. Even though I sin, I can still walk in victory, with my head held high, without shame and condemnation when I bring my sins to the feet of Jesus. Showing our confidence in who we are in Christ speaks volumes to our children!

I can hardly wait to see how God is going to use all this passion exuding from Josiah. I know He will do great things through Josiah's strengths as well as his weaknesses. It is such a fun age. I love seeing his personality and preferences developing. I love seeing glimpses of who he will become. 

"God, keep me from being a stumbling block to my son! Keep giving me your wisdom as I raise him with your purposes in mind. Let me NEVER lose sight of that! In Your Mighty Name, Amen!" 

God Bless,


Robin said...

What a wonderful thing to do, and some really profound answers from a little boy! I am going to ask the questions to my children. Thanks! - Robin

Catherine said...

Jackie, I always do this kind of brainstorming at the end of the school year. It is usually an interesting list that comes to the surface. Whitling was on the list for next year...maybe with soap? I'll see and let you know.

Momina said...

encouragement is all kids need, I have a little sister and encouragement makes her learn faster! :D do check out my blog!

OurLilFullFam said...


When I read the story of Martin & Gracia Burhnam, and how much they depended on memorized scripture, it became so important to see why we need it!

We love Jonathan Park here too, a lot!


Jill said...

Best wishes getting ideas and plans together! Adorable video :-)
Have a lovely week!



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