Monday, July 16, 2012

Flora School Education Center

When we were visiting North End Crossing Barn and Bed, the innkeepers took us on a tour of Flora's school, built in 1915. In an effort to save it, Dan and Vanessa have created a non-profit organization and listed it on *the National Register of Historic Places for its contribution to education and to the architecture of the time. It is now the called the "Flora School Education Center" and is being restored for the purposes of learning and promoting *the ways of the pioneers which encompass folk arts and historical agriculture. We were fascinated by all they had done to restore the building. They are truly amazing and talented people who love history and teaching. In Vanessa's own words, "There is one thing I cannot stress enough on the Flora School restoration project is that there are SEVERAL (hundreds over the years) volunteers that have helped through time, donations, materials and money since we started this project!"

*From the walking tour brochure.

The school was closed in the 1970s, and left to rot. But thanks to Dan and Vanessa's efforts, as well as many other supporters, it is being restored bit by bit. They are working on scrapping off all the paint on the woodwork and getting it back to its original stained wood. It is going to be beautiful when they are done!

The auditorium was really neat. They  said they've have homeschoolers put on plays here. I loved going backstage and reading all the graffiti written by students over the years.  

The stage trap door. They found some "interesting" things under there! I believe "Lucky Strikes" were mentioned ;)

The loom room. As I mentioned in my previous post, Vanessa is a master weaver. The school has many different types of looms and old treadle sewing machines, too, since Vanessa also teaches quilting. 

Dan said this loom came across the Oregon Trail. The date was "1826". Wow!

 It all looked so complicated, but once you mastered it, what a sense of accomplishment you would have.

The Flora School in all its "new" glory. Isn't it wonderful when you see a place that was falling down, be restored and useful again? It reminds me of what Christ can do for each of us, if only we are willing to be rebuilt in His likeness.

May God Bless Each of You,

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Camille said...

How wonderful Jackie! I *love* the history found in old buildings like this! If only the walls could speak...

Have a beautiful day!


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