Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Beauty of the Past - Images From a Ghost Town

My Aunt Deb is a watercolor artist and requested some pics of old wood and rust. I did my best to oblige. I love this pic of the old church near the Flora school. 

You can tell this this is the side that gets less wind and sun. There was still a lot of paint on it. Oh, how I wish someone would restore this old church!

Bell tower in the sunset.

Wild roses against the side of the church.

I took a bunch of close up pictures of various objects around North End Crossing Barn and Bed.

Vanessa had all these cute birdhouses on her fence. I love the old buildings in the background. 

I believe the building in the background used to be an old bank and the vault is still in it.

Vanessa's chicken coop built from the remnants of an old porch.

This house and covered well was photographed at sunset. It is called the Conley House. They are hoping to restore it and make it part of the "Barn and Bed". It was one of the first homes to be built in Flora.

Here it is again in the background.

Meat grinder.

The General Merchandise Store and Warehouse is the the background of this pic.

Old forge.

"Scraper" or I've also heard it called a "fresno".

Pieces of old harnesses.

Hailey's bonnet.

Looks like a pitchfork, but Dan thought it was probably a cabbage harvester, since it had a blade in the middle of it.

Hope you can see the beauty of all this rust and old wood like I do. I love history! We can learn so much from the past, especially when it comes to helping us appreciating what we have today. How I wish I could have met the people who lived in Flora a hundred years ago! 

God Bless,


Camille said...

How very cool. If only these items could tell their stories. That's a lot of rust!! :)

Blessings to you!

Jill said...

I love all the photos in this post! I too am intriqued by history and in these objects all the stories they could tell! Great post! Thanks for sharing.


Book Lover said...

Not even sure what half those ominous tools are! Great photos, they manage to be both colourful and eerie.


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