Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hobo Dinner Recipe

I love this time of the year when we are getting fresh produce from the garden (or other's gardens) and can make things like "Hobo Dinner" on the grill.

Here is what I do:
1 lb hamburger formed into 4 patties
sliced potatoes (I prefer red or gold)
sliced onion
sliced carrot
sliced zucchini
sliced mushrooms
4 fresh minced garlic cloves (one for each hobo dinner)
(More options: red or green pepper, green beans, snow peas, kale, corn, squash)
Variety of freshly chopped herbs (parsely, sage, rosemary, thyme, basil, oregano)
salt and pepper 
1/2 Tbl of butter

In a large tinfoil square, place veggies on top of meat patty. Press garlic clove over each one, salt and pepper and add butter. Fold tinfoil around food tight enough so the butter doesn't leak out, but loose enough to be able to check to see if the potatoes are tender. Grill approximately 20 minutes, turning the packet over every five minutes until done. If camping, just place in coals, and check it every now and then. 

Enjoy! You're kids will love it! 
God Bless,

P.S. I hate cooking with tinfoil because of the leaching aluminum, so if anyone has a suggestion for using something else, I'm all ears :)


Leslie said...

Those sound so good! A tip for cooking with aluminum: I place a layer or parchment paper between my food and the aluminum foil when cooking. Then I still get the benefit of cooking with foil, but my food isn't actually making contact with it. I don't know for sure if it helps, but it at least gives me peace of mind. :)

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

That is a great idea, Leslie! Thanks for sharing with me :)

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

We just made these yesterday for dinner. The kids love them.

Camille said...

Fun idea! I do the same as Leslie with the works really well. :)



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