Friday, August 10, 2012

Success at the County Fair!

This is the second year we decided to enter our home cooked/grown goodies. Once again, I'm so glad we took the time because we had great success. It sure helps the kids look at all the things entered with more interest. Also, it is a great way for the kids to earn a little extra money for all those blue ribbons.  The people at the fairgrounds kept thanking us over and over for entering so many things, especially in the home craft and baking departments. They said that entries are getting to be less and less in this modern day of processed foods. 
In Josiah's case, he not only received money for his blue ribbons, but also won the Jr. Division's Baking Championship with his 100% whole wheat bread. The award was worth $25! In addition, he received "Best of Show" and "Judges Choice" and a blue ribbon for it. He was so excited!!!

He got second place on his gingersnaps. BTW, all the recipes we entered are posted on this blog. So just do a search and you'll find them. I don't have time to post all the links.

1st place on the hand-braided wool chair pad. Our neighbour taught him.

They entered their button necklaces and bracelets and got second place. Josiah received 3rd place for the fishhook he made.

I won 1st place with this pic of Hailey in her dunce cap at a one room school house we visited on a homeschool field trip.

Got second place for the Black and White of Hailey in my wedding dress.

The kids got second place for their paper quilt blocks.

I received blue ribbons (mostly because I was the only one who entered anything under these categories) for: feta cheese, queso fresco, ketchup, cultured buttermilk, butter, bacon, sour cream (also got a Exhibit Award) and Italian bread crumbs (also got Reserve Champion). I got a red ribbon on my granola and nothing for my lard because they said it tasted burnt. I use it for soap, so I don't really care what it tastes like. I didn't get anything on my yogurt because I don't add gelatin to mine to make it a smoother consistency and they wanted it smoother.

Hailey received a blue for her Mammoth sugar melting peas.

And a blue for her red potatoes.

Both got blues on their herbs (Josiah entered sage, and Hailey entered oregano). They look so cute in their OSU Beaver sunglasses!

We had a great time! We will miss this sweet county fair when we move.

Hope you are all entering AND winning at your county fairs!

God Bless,

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Camille said...

WOW!! So much fun Jackie! Congrats on!! :)



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